Parenting 101: Modeling

The brains of young children are like sponges that absorb information like it’s water. This has been proved by the many studies done on children. They mirror everything adults do

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Explaining Microaggressions

It’s no secret that we live in a divisive world. The world for privileged groups is different than the world minority groups live in. Subjected to overt and subtle gestures

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How to be Present?

We have commenced our daily habit-building Live Online Meditation program. This is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate 15-45 minutes of meditation practice in our everyday life! To read more about

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Embodying Compassion: The body, mindfulness and therapy

Rafath Unnisa also adds in her expertise, “Body, as mindfulness taught me, is an anchor that constantly grounds our experiences and makes it possible for us to access them. By constantly checking in with our body and what we are experiencing in an embodied way makes it real and tangible. I feel that our bodies have deep wisdom which we often don’t give language to, and when we become aware of this and try to give language to our experience we also get closer to what’s actually happening and what we want for ourselves.”

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