Mindfulness for Organizations

Pause for Perspective is a pioneer in bringing mindfulness to a variety of organizational spaces including corporates, NGOs, schools and other spaces. 

There are several reasons why you should bring mindfulness to your organizations. Some being, mindfulness enhances cognitive ability, self awareness, increased tolerance to discomfort, better mental and physical awareness, ethical and socail justice stance and more..

We customise workshops based on the needs of the organizations. Mindfulness offers the unique opening to understand ourselves, to bring intention and focus to aspects of our live we are most keen on nurturing.  

Some topics that we have covered over the past decade are: 

1. Mindfulness at work place

2. Mindfulness for work-life happiness

3. Mindful Communication at Workplace

4. Mindfulness and Intentional Living 

5. Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence 

6. Cultivating purpose and presence 

7. Mindfulness and Mental Health 

8. Mindfulness and Mental Health first aid

and more. 

To learn more about inviting  our experts into your space, please reach out to us at pause.perspective@gmail.com 

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