Mental Health Awareness Program at Pause for Perspective

Pause for Perspective’s Mental Health Awareness Program (MHA) is a low cost/probono service arm. The aim of the Mental Health Awareness Program is to deconstruct what Mental Health Care is and why it is a key and even a mandatory aspect of care in all our lives. The MHA is offered for groups and teams of organizations and communities. Since September 2019 to June 2020 we have offered three levels of programs to a variety of organizations including MNCs. NGOs, Minority Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and more. The goals is to make mental health accessible to all sections of the city of Hyderabad and Beyond

The different levels of offering are as follows:

Level 1: Mental Health Awareness Program

In this session we explore what is Mental Health, what are the different kinds of distress one may experience and some ways to work on self-care and more towards optimal well-being

Free, 1.5 Hour long Program

Level 2: Specialized Mental Health Related Workshops:

These workshops entail working in specific areas of interest that may pertain to the population that you may be working with. Some of the topics include:

Consent, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Stress Management, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Gratitude, Body Image, Emotions, Time Management, Mindful Parenting and more

Small fee, 2 Hour long Program

Level 3: Long Term Mental Health Projects:

These are projects that we work on a 3-6-12 month basis with the organization to develop competency in an area of mental health. Some of the offerings include:

Mindfulness Programs, Mental Health Workers Training, Slow Down Workshops, Regular Counseling at Organizations and Customized Mental Health Offerings.


Overview of our work from Oct 2019 to now

We catered to the following organizations in the last 8 months:

Level 1: RBVRR, Madras University, Youth4Jobs, CoMakeIT, Majestic Hospital, Salesforce, HCU, Panineeya, WeWork, BITS, Geetanjali, Fernandez hospital, CLowork, IIT, Shaheen, Asian Insitute of Nephrology, mallareddy college, National Youth Conference Hyderabad and provided Mental Health Awareness training to more than 2470 individuals.

Level 2: We offered specialized services to CoMakeIT, Wework, Innominds and Shanti welfare and served over 200+ individuals.

Level 3: We offered employee assistance programs to MNCs such as CS. INC, Facebook and Mental Health Training for community workers at Shaheen Womens Resource.

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