Our Book: My Mindful Moments Journal

Mindfulness Moments was put together with the hope of making mindfulness accessible and practicable in our day to day lives. The activities and the resources provided in the journal allows us to become aware of the wonder that we are. It brings you close to yourself and helps you in building a relationship with yourself. The journal is divided into three parts: The first part is filled with activities and exercises based on concepts pulled out from the buddhist philosophy of mindfulness. The second part titled: The space in Between Love is a reflective tool aimed at helping individuals explore their relationships mindfully. And the third part comprises of daily journaling prompts that helps us in getting into the habit of journaling and understanding ourselves through writing. 

Mindful Moments is a journal curated by therapist Rafath with the help of the uber creative team at Pause for Perspective and the support of Rafath’s mentor Aarathi Selvan. Rafath is a psychotherapist and an ardent believer of magic. She tries to find it in the work that she does and derives her magical powers from witnessing the growth and healing of others and uses it in creating journals, like this one. She also hopes that you benefit from this little piece of magic that she created with the tinge of mindfulness in it. 

The contributors to this journal are: Rafath, Nida, Swetha, PoojaG, Lalithapooja, Varsha, and Aarathi. 

Mindful Tools

Our book has mindfulness tools that help support the inquiry that leads to understanding the language of the body. These tools also go well with our MBSM program. 

A glimpse at our pages

Reflecting on relationships

The second part of our journal is called The Space in Between Love, here you have an opportunity to explore ways in which you can make space for love within yourself and in your life.

A glimpse at our pages

A glimpse at our pages

Journal Prompts

This section of the book has thirty prompts especially curated to open into the myriad areas of your life mindfully. 

Interview with the Editor of the Book

Hear Aarathi interview Rafath, the editor of the book about the creative process of putting the book together 

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