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A course to unravel and grow in self-awareness: A course by Selvan Srinivasan

Awareness Journey is an online course, which aims to unravel the five hidden or unknown aspects within you. This course is a journey into your AWARENESS.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate what I mean by Awareness. Imagine you are in a sports stadium watching your favourite sport. It could be Football, Tennis or Cricket. One of the teams is your team- maybe representing your country or province or organisation. Notice how you would watch this game. A scoring shot will elicit a different reaction depending on which team did it. Now imagine you are watching the same game but this time you are neutral to both teams. You just came to enjoy the game and don’t care who wins. Notice how you are watching this game! Your reaction to every good shot would be same.

The games are an analogy to your life as you go about it every day. The rational mind is the spectator EXPERIENCING as in the first example. Your Awareness is the spectator above this level OBSERVING as in second example. You are not always aware of this unbiased witness aspect of you but when you ponder on it you will know that it does exist. 

The course is also a journey WITH your Awareness, which is the first aspect, into the other four aspects of you. Discovering each of these aspects would unleash enormous potential to help you attain unimagined levels of effectiveness and efficiency in all your endeavours.

Is this program for you?

Do you want to awaken your enterprising sprit from within you? Are you already enterprising and looking to sharpen it by going deep within yourself to awaken the hidden potential lying untapped inside you, yet unknown to you? A yes to any of the above is enough for you to be the perfect candidate to benefit from this course, You will be particularly benefited in a direct practical sense if you fall under any of these categories, although not limited to just these….

  1. You are an Empath and your work involves helping people cope with their lives.
  2. You are an Entrepreneur or founder/inheritor/owner/management of any kind of business, service or manufacturing, startup or established.
  3. You are in a leadership role in an NGO, Government,  Sports, Healthcare, Industry, Trusts, Societies, Associations or any other organisation or group.
  4. You are somebody without a clear-cut defined job description, you face unexpected situations and problems at every turn of life.  You need to figure out creative or innovative, out of the book solutions, you cannot just report the problem to your boss and wait for instructions.
  5. You are facing the challenges of parenting or managing a home and looking to unearth deep hidden potential within you to make life flow easier and gracefully.

Finally this course is not for you if you are only looking at outward, quick fix solutions.  If you are not willing to go within to find answers to the issues you face in life.  If you have no aspirations to grow or improve your life status or yourself.

About the Program:

This course consists of six modules, each with a focused theme. Each module contains twenty to twenty-five audio clips of ten to fifteen-minute duration. In addition to these audio clips each module also consists of two to five audio-visual clips each of varying duration between ten minutes to fifty minutes. You need to listen to the audio clips in a quiet environment without disturbance or distraction and mostly with eyes closed. The audio clips will guide you to a focused state of mind similar to a deep meditative state. These clips use techniques of creative visualisation and imagination to give you an experiential learning. You will be able to deeply feel and experience and then learn out of that experience. You will also receive guidance of how you can practically use these learning in your work and relationships to achieve direct, measurable benefits on a daily basis. Watch and listen to this video about the program here 👈🏾.

The audio-visual clips will teach you techniques, skills and simple unique energy clearing, balancing and healing movements. These are things that you can do when you are sitting at your desk in your office or when you are driving a car or riding a bus or metro or simply waiting. Specific poses or movements for specific needs; such as, one before you want to make a presentation or give a speech, one when you are feeling low and sleepy after lunch on a hot afternoon, one before meeting a very irritating or angry customer, and one for after such a meeting so that you just don’t carry that anger and spread it to others. One for calming your limbic overdrive and one for lifting you out of things like a headache or feverishness. These are verifiable practices that you can use almost daily in your routine life.

You can take one module at a time or you can pay for three modules together or for all six modules at the same time. When you enrol and begin one module, you will get the first audio clip or audiovisual clip. Upon viewing or hearing it once or several times, you need to respond with feedback on the experience you had. Once you do this, the next audio or audiovisual clip will be made available to you. It is recommended that you listen to the audio clips for the first time early in the morning before you begin the day’s activities, either sitting or lying down. You can listen to the same audio several times during the day after that or over a couple of days. You can complete the module at your own pace.

You can enrol for the second module only after completing the first module and so on. In other words, you cannot directly enrol for, say, the sixth module without going through all the previous five modules. For joining this course, you do not need to have any previous practice of meditation or yoga. You just need to be able to give a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes of your time everyday or once in two days, if you choose to go slow with the course. This short span of time each day shall be without any disturbance, distraction or disruption. You need to commit one uninterrupted, brief stretch of exclusive time to yourself to listen to the audio clip of the day. If you cannot commit this, you may not be able to benefit from this course. Read more about Creative visualisation, the mental stance needed, the cloud of unconscious energies, posture and allowing in this article here 👈🏾

To know more about each modules click on the hyperlinks of each module below. The fee structure is as follows:

MODULE ONE      – Rs.2000.00.

MODULE TWO     – Rs.3000.00.

MODULE THREE – Rs.3000.00.

MODULE FOUR    – Rs.5000.00.

MODULE FIVE      – Rs.5000.00.

MODULE SIX         – Rs.6000.00.

To Enrol please email to or

Call or Whatsapp to: 9490708947 / 8106864001.

The story of my Awareness journey:

Let me now share some details of my journey into Awareness and this may enthuse you to begin your own journey. Or you can hear me talking about all this here 👈🏾 I am a second-generation entrepreneur having joined my father in his small industrial enterprise after dropping out of undergraduate engineering education at the age of 19. For the next twenty years I graduated as an industrialist under my father until he shut down his business empire due to unexpected losses and write offs incurred in the changed business scenario of the late nineties. I took wing thereafter to set up a start-up from scratch and built it over the next seventeen years. Having established the successful venture, I handed over it’s reins to others qualified to take it further ahead and stepped away to begin a new career as a mento and healer.

I will not call this journey as my spiritual journey or my spiritual awakening, although it can be termed as that. Spiritual journey or spiritual awakening as is commonly understood is something where one needs to drop all material desires and attachments and pursue the singular goal of realising their spirit. In my journey I first realised that I am my Awareness and that this awareness is different from my rational mind. I had mistakenly believed these to be one and the same previously. Once this subtle awareness is awakened, I went with my Awareness into my four aspects: (i) Physical body awareness OR Limbic mind awareness, (ii) Emotional body awareness OR Emotional mind awareness, (iii) Mental body awareness OR Rational Mind awareness and (iv) Spiritual Awareness OR Intuitive Mind Awareness, to awaken the awareness of each of these bodies/minds or aspects of me.

It started in the year 1994 in Hyderabad when I was 32 years old, with attending the basic 12-day SSY course under my Guruji Suryatejas. SSY is short for Siddha Samadhi Yoga offered by RSVK founded by Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar. I got initiated into Samadhi practice or the non-doing state of meditating on nothingness, in this course and have continued this practice ever since. After this, I attended several Advanced Meditation Retreats and Bhava Samadhi Training a retreat designed to awaken emotional awareness and release pent up emotions. I also attended a ten day advanced meditation retreat conducted by Rishi Prabhakar himself. I subsequently went through the Teacher’s training course and began teaching SSY course. This got disrupted with the beginning of the collapse of my father’s business in 1998. In the year 2000 my father’s company shut down and I moved to Gurgaon to found my own industrial venture.

Although I stopped teaching SSY in 1998, I have been diligently practicing various forms of pranayama, yoga, japa, yagnya and meditation during the past 24 years. I have also attended various other meditations and healing trainings such as Reiki, Art of Living and several more short courses and retreats and online trainings on energy body awareness, energy medicine and healings. In the year 2014, I put together a set of simple movements and yoga postures combined with breathing techniques and named it Selvans 30 Yoga. I have made four YouTube videos of this for training and regular practice. You can look at this if you search for “Selvans 30 Yoga” on Google or YouTube. The gentle versions of this can be practiced even by very elderly persons and very sick persons and helps in opening up all the energy channels in the body.

Practical Benefits I gained since my Awareness opened up:

Throughout the years since 1994, I have had an arduous spiritual practice. I thought that I had a deep understanding of who I am. In 2016 I went through a transformative experiential journey, after which I realised that my past ideas about Awareness had merely been conceptual.

There are two parts to this overall journey, as you will realise when you do the course: The Journey into Awareness, followed by The Journey with Awareness.

As a direct consequence of this experiential journey I am physically fitter and healthier than I was twenty years ago. I am completely free from acidity and acid reflux problems, spondylitis, and lower back problems and also free from sinusitis. These were some of the crippling chronic ailments I had been suffering over three decades but had a coping and managing mechanism going, which, at the time, I thought was perfect, due to which I did not lose too many man days on the sick bed. Only now I realise how sub optimally I had been operating all those years. I could not run beyond 200 meters and if I walked more than 3 kilometres, I needed a strong energy drink or snack to keep me going but even with that, I never went beyond 5 km. Now I regularly participate in 10 kilometre running races! My fitness now seems to be an absolute miracle to me because I never ever imagined it possible even a few years ago.

My sinusitis and spondylitis used to be so severe that apart from several bouts of unbearable migraine every month; I was suffering a mild low-grade headache 24×7 over two decades. I had become so used to this continuous mild headache it became my normal. Only when I was completely free of it in 2017 did I realise that I had gone through years with a headache, my constant companion! What a miracle it seemed to me when I was totally free of it! For the first few weeks without it, I felt light-headed and almost as if I was floating! These are just the physical aspect of my story, my journey with PHYSICAL BODY AWARENESS.

I want to share some before/after stories to highlight what emotional awareness can do for you.  One day several years ago, my boss, in an extremely irritated mood gave me severe scolding in the presence of some of my colleagues.   His words, my faults he was pointing out and trying to correct and all were not heard by me because I felt extremely irritated and angry and at the same time deeply ashamed.  My face was turning red; I started sweating and only wanted to run away.  Later that day I developed nagging headache, which kept lingering for the next three days.  After three days, with no relief or respite, I went to my grandfather and recounted the whole thing and cried a lot.  He patiently heard me and just said a few words exactly pointing out my faults and what I needed to do to improve my output to avoid irritating my boss again.  It was so soothing; it went deep into me and helped me change my behaviour so much that my boss started pointing to me as an example for others to follow.

In this story, you can replace the boss with your client, partner, close relatives, anybody.  After my emotional awareness journey, my grandfather now sits inside me when I encounter someone who is extremely angry and filters away all the other things and lets me absorb only the final few actionable words.  So what took 3 days of sulking and suffering and intervention of a mentor now does not even take 3 seconds.

There is another incident sixteen years ago, when my startup business was just two years old, struggling to find its feet, the Purchasing Chief of my biggest client called me to say that their top management has decided to delist my company from their vendor list due to an internal vendor consolidation program.  I went five minutes late for the meeting and he shamed me for being sloppy and then conveyed their management decision.  My personal friendship with the purchasing chief went back 15 years but that day he was aloof and seeming heartless.  He just dismissed my presentation of how good our products are, how competitive and how much my startup depended on this business to break even and repay debts.  It fell on deaf ears, I returned back feeling deeply ashamed, worthless and dejected.  I handed charge of running my business to my partner and moved away from Gurgaon to Hyderabad.  It took me two years to move back to Gurgaon and another five years after that to put our company back on track.  Looking back, I see that at exactly same time we lost our biggest business, another client actually bigger than that was offering us business but we couldn’t grab it due to my emotional response to a huge loss.

Emotional awareness helps me now to deeply feel the sadness and shame, but also use these very same emotions to instantly bring me back to my groundedness and helps me to be aware of how each loss or downfall or problem could actually be an opportunity in disguise.

Emotional awareness is very different from emotional sensitivity.  Being emotionally sensitive helps in being social and to bring passion into your work which is effective to motivate others to do your work.  I used to be like this all my life, when you get irritated at some person or situation you would loose control and take wrong decisions or utter regrettable words.  I always used to be like this.  After emotional awareness, I am able to heal my anger, irritation or impatience instead of suppressing them and softly communicate with authority rather than aggression.  I would run away or hide or avoid situations that cause shame or fear or sadness for me.  If, I do not fulfil on a commitment, I would try my best to avoid meeting the client.  If I lose an account I would get away to lick my hurt wounds alone.  Now after emotional awareness, each of these events present to me exciting opportunities to strengthen relationships and deepen bonds.  It is still amazing for me to see how an impossible adverse situation can be turned around to bring about fulfilment and joy merely with emotional awareness and acting out of that awareness.

Mind awareness is again very different from IQ or a very sharp, clever logical analytic, quick mind.  An aware mind can help you switch off the over active logical right brain activity and open up to your own emotions as well as the emotion of others.  You might have noticed that highly intelligent people rarely enjoy deep bonding relationships.  This is because it is impossible for the mind to slow down and allow the heart to lead when needed.  I used to be like this, it would exhaust me and cause sleepless nights because my mind keeps going on and on with thoughts 24/7.

After mind awareness, I am able to slow down or even shut down the incessant logical and analytical thoughts, allow emotions to play a balanced productive role and even open up to the intuitive and creative side of me.  I am able to sleep better, be more healthy, balanced and effective now with an aware mind.

The mind is the doer or the executive. It will plan and executive a project to perfect completion. But the mind is not effective in deciding which project to choose for execution, that is in the purview of the intuitive aspect or sprit body. Here by mind, I refer to the logical, analytical mind and by spirit body; I refer to the intuitive, creative mind. When the underlying emotions are unbalanced, the mind cannot work with clarity and it will go around in loops. Let me explain with an example here. When I had to prepare for an important presentation or client meeting, I would get terribly anxious and scared. As a result, my mind will constantly keep replaying the imagined sequence of events of the meeting and this hyperactive mind will prevent sleep and also prevent any other productive activity or interaction until the event. By the time the actual event takes place, I would be totally exhausted and end up making a suboptimal presentation.

With mind awareness now, I can focus on the required planning and preparation for the presentation until it is done to satisfaction and after that simply switch off my mind and go and attend to the unbalanced emotions namely anxiety and then simply rest in a being state. This state would open up my intuitive aspect and I might get some new point or idea that could be added to my presentation to make it much more effective. I would also be rested with uninterrupted sleep and be able to make an effective presentation the next day as planned.

Spiritual awareness simply means to be able to open up your mind to intuitive inputs and creative inputs that are only available to your spirit.  You can learn to tap into your full intuitive and creative potential at will.  This has helped me to avoid taking hundreds of wrong paths and flawed decisions before zeroing in on the perfect decision or action plan.  Intuition paves the short cut for you, helping you select only the best of the opportunity and projects for you.  With my unlimited intuitive potential opened up, I am able to dramatically slow down on the action front while simultaneously being several folds more productive and effective than before.

This is made possible because I do not need to opt for trial and error to find which path or plan or project or opportunity is the best for me and what time frame is perfect for that plan or path.  There is no back tracking, covering up, correcting or regretting involved when your intuitive mind leads the way and logical mind follows.  Experiences of ecstasy, devotion, deep fulfilment, boundless joy and surrenderfulness which translates to unshakeable faith and confidence are only possible with spiritual awareness or Intuitive Mind Awareness.

You might have learnt about most of this and you might possess a good conceptual understanding of it. However this understanding itself may cause a block to actually experience your Awareness mind. Read this article on how this happens here 👈🏾

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