The fourth module takes you deeper into your being to clear out deep-seated energy blocks that cause repetitive patterns in your life. This module is called Chakra Healing and it needs a higher level of commitment and perseverance.

Some examples of patterns in your life could be that every time you start a project, your interest in it is great and complete in the beginning, but fizzles out a couple of months or years in, causing you to drop it and move to the next one. It could be the same with your personal relationships or friendships or business partnerships where you get into new ones and go through the rosy patch only to end up, within a short time, at a bitter parting or breakup.  It could be so with your health, where every summer you get a particular disease or every winter you get another. It could be so with your finances where once in every few years or months, you end up with zero balance and piled up debts. It could be similar with a habit like smoking, alcohol or gaming, from which you get away by force of your willpower for a while only to fall back into it every time. It could be milder versions of these or some very silly and minor thing that has started looking like a huge block due to the frequency with which it occurs in your life.

These patterns in life are caused by what is called ‘habitual tendencies’. These habitual tendencies are in turn caused due to energy blocks in various chakras in the energy body. It cannot be resolved with willpower alone and even if resolved, it will come back in another form or bring up another new and more devastating pattern. The only way to quickly, easily and permanently come out of these damaging patterns is by finding out which chakra holds the energy block and by releasing it. Here too, you need not believe it or be able to actually see your chakras or the blocks, you just need to practice it and see the results in your life. I have seen the effects of this practice in several people’s lives around me apart from my own.

The module starts with two audios introducing you to the aura around you and giving you a tool called permission rose, this is followed by an audiovisual class on energy body anatomy. Just like your physical body has the bone structure at the base supported by muscles and then various organs within, and all connected by channels of blood circulation, lymph circulation, hormone and enzyme production, the network of nervous system, etc., the energy body also has its own anatomy. This is made up of the Hara line, the aura, the major and minor chakras, energy meridians, etc. Many among you will be able to actually sense or feel or know the presence of these energy anatomy parts as you go through this module. For the rest of you who cannot perceive it in any way, I recommend use of creative visualisation and just imagine it and go on with the practice. You will derive miraculous benefits by the time you come to the end of this module. The actual results will then help you drop your resistance and start to actually perceive your energy anatomy fully.

The next audio gives an overview of each of the seven chakras and how to heal them, followed by one audio for each chakra. You will learn what each chakra stands for in terms of the areas of life affected and in terms of your health and emotions. This will help you identify the chakra that has major energy blocks with respect to specific problems or patterns in your life. You will also learn what exactly is an energy block and how it gets formed in the first place. You will then be guided into a chakra healing meditation.

An audiovisual class that takes you through the most powerful chakra healing process follows this. You will receive the same in audio format and need to repeat this for the next seven days. It takes about 45 minutes each day and it has to be consistently practiced for seven days without a break to realise the full impact of chakra healing. After the seven days, you need to continue it for three more weeks but here you can opt for a shorter version of chakra healing that takes 23 minutes every day instead of 45. When you complete the full four weeks of chakra healing you will surely go through astounding outcomes, some of which you might never have even imagined possible. Finally you will receive tips on how to use the chakra healing practice in the long term in your life.

You need to complete at least seven days of full chakra healing practice before you can move on to module five. My recommendation is that you wait till you complete the entire four weeks of chakra healing practice, preferably the full 45-minute version, or the shorter 23-minute version, before moving on with the course.