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We are a team of 17+ clinical psychologist and psychological counselors as well as counseling psychologists. Our therapists have experience and expertise in seeing clients of different population

We offer counseling for individuals, groups and families of all ages. We believe that mental health counseling is intersectional. Hence our approach is mindful and affirmative of LGBTQIA+, neurodiversity and social justice based. Our goals is to ensure that individuals are able to connect with oneself, others and the space in between with mindfulness and compassion.

Individual Counseling

At Pause we offer a range of services for clients seeking therapy for themselves.  Our therapists hold space to facilitate the process of people claiming their agency.
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Couples & Family Counseling

Our couples and family therapists are trained in a variety of modalities such as Imago therapy, Developmental Model for Couples therapy as well as Mindfulness based modalities for couples work.
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Counseling for Women

Our therapists are trained in feminist and intersectional perspectives of working with women within the context and culture of India. 
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LGBTQIA* Counseling

Our therapists are trained in queer affirmative counseling practices . We are a team of queer affirmative and/or queer counselors who work with the unique life stressors of those marginalised by cis heteronormativity.
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Career Counseling

Take a career assessment and sit with one of our experts to understand your test scores and how they translate into working your way through your work world.
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Religious and Caste Marginalization

Our therapists are trained and aware of religious and caste based marginalisation that leads to mental health distress. We work with unique life stressors that come from marginalisation of ones identity.
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