Religious and Caste Marginalization

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At Pause for Perspective we believe that we all deserve spaces where we can be ourselves, be held, validated and accepted for who we are. We believe that our truth shines forth when we listen to our deeper selves, our inner wisdom. We also believe a higher perspective is always present and all we need is to pause and stay present with ourselves in order to receive it. Our space is the container for you to come into yourself and articulate your truth and presence.

We offer a range of mental health services for individuals from all walks of life. We are queer affirmative, anticaste and rights centered. We work with all life situations and circumstances that are distressing you today.

In the current political scenario religious and caste based oppression and related mental health distress is high. It is important for those who experience oppression in different institution setting reach out to Mental Health professionals to work on symptoms of distress that show up as a result of marginalization. 

We work with issues such as:

Anxiety is both a symptom of a larger issue and also a condition in itself. With the help of our therapists you can learn to manage the symptoms of anxiety and ascertain wider aspects of the context that are keeping you from living your hopes.  

There are many ways we may experience depression. To understand more about what it is you are grappling with and to unhook from the patterns and complex circumstances that lead to depression contact our therapists who specialise in working with Depression. 

Relationships are often very complex coming together of people, their life patterns and circumstances. Holding, healing and caring within relationships is possible and if you would like to learn more about the complexities of what you bring and what comes together in the relationships you have please reach out to us

Addictions can come in many ways-drugs, porn, food and more. Often they sneak into our lives as way to help us cope with life itself and then become detrimental to our wellbeing. Please reach out to us to feel support and working out of what seems to now have become an autopilot way of living.

In working with a therapist conditions like OCD, ADHD, Autism and Bipolar are held with care and perspective so we can learn to understand and embrace all parts of ourselves. 

Therapy is more than managing distress and ones own difficult moments. Reach out to a therapist to learn more about how you can connect with what you really really want and intentionally work towards it. 

Our therapists are trained in Mindfulness Based Symptom Management and lead individuals on a journey of learning mindfulness and presence. 

While this is not an exhaustive list reach out to us to understand how we may be able to help you. 

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