Module two and Module three together cover your initiation into the journey of Awareness. There are five parts or aspects and so five different journeys and each one is again split into two parts. Out of these the second module covers awareness of your Awareness or journey into self-awareness, journey into body awareness and first part of journey into mind awareness. The module three covers the second part of mind awareness, emotional awareness and intuitive mind awareness or spirit body awareness.


Module two begins with an audiovisual class in which you will be introduced to some points in your body that you just need to lightly hold with the tips of your fingers to instantly help you out of various physical troubles, aches and discomforts. For example when you need to take a decision and you are just unable to think straight due to emotional turmoil. Another one is when you are unable to digest the food that you have eaten and this is hindering you in your work. One more is when you feel too hot or burning inside and sweaty and just unable to concentrate. In almost all these troublesome instances, one or the other of the energy clearing movements and poses that you would learn at the start of module one will also help and these touch points will further help. This is followed by one more audiovisual class in which I shall give you an overview of the Awareness journey so far and share stories of how the opening up of each aspect helped me and some of my mentees in our routine lives.

The second module also brings to you the activation of the channels of Earth energy and Cosmic energy. You shall be guided into a meditative state in which you will open up to the continuous flow of earth energy and cosmic energy in their respective channels through your body. You will feel replenished with energy, vitality and renewed vigour with this energy flow. Regular practice of running your cosmic and earth energies with this video will take you to a place where you can do it without any guided audio and in the long run you will find that these energies are running all the time and keeping you perfectly fit and balanced and full of vitality and energy throughout the day.

You may wonder what is cosmic and earth energies and why these are needed and how they are useful.  Earth energy is simply the electromagnetic waves emitted by the molten core of the earth.  Your physical body is a part of the earth and when it can vibrate in sync with the earths pulsing electromagnetic current, you will be able to heal yourself, draw your strength, balance and stamina to be able to lead a stable healthy life.As you have a breathing channel starting from your nostrils to your lungs, you also have an earth energy channel that is perfect and open at birth.  It could get clogged or blocked or sometimes completely disconnected from the earth’s vibration causing restlessness, imbalance, ill-health and fear in you.

While earth energy deals with your physical body, cosmic energy deals with your spirit body.  Originating from cosmic source, it flows through your cosmic energy channels giving you the vitality, the life force and buoyancy needed for you to function as a living being.  You can open up these channels and practically experience the powerful uplifting impact on your over life and effectiveness.

Self-Awareness – Presence in Space and Time:  The first five audio clips deal with self-awareness. This is split into two parts, the first part being finding your Awareness in space. You explore and answer the question, where am I? This part of the Awareness journey actually begins in the first module itself when you get introduced into the different aspects of your being. Here in the second module you find practical applications for space awareness in your routine daily life so that you see direct measurable benefits you can achieve from this practical approach.

The second part of self-awareness is time awareness, finding your Awareness on the timeline. In other words you explore and answer the question, when am I? Or where am I in time – in the past, in the present or in the future? This is an experiential journey with your creative visualisation and you may be able to actually travel all the way into the past up to your birth and even beyond and all the way into your future up to your death and even beyond. You will be able to see your future and even learn to choose a different future than that which the force of the trajectory of your current habitual tendencies is leading you to. You will also learn tips for practical application of this time awareness to change your life towards a better path.

Physical Body Awareness: The next five audios deal with Physical Body Awareness. You begin with a small test to see how deeply aware you already are of your physical body. You then deepen this awareness by seeing that your physical body is a chorus of so many different movements, almost like an orchestra, and has its own sweet rhythm. You will find your body rhythm and learn to communicate with your body in its own sweet language. You will learn why you ended up having low body awareness and how you are critical and judgmental about your body and how to drop this and start to wholly love your body as much as your body loves you. You will also go through an unexpected astonishing journey where you will learn to heal present and potential diseases and bring back a youthful vitality to your body. When you go through these five audios you might realise that you had virtually no awareness of your body until this fantastic journey.

Energy Body Awareness: The following chapter consists of five audios pertaining to your Energy Body Awareness. The fact of the existence of your energy body is as true as the existence of your physical body. As a child up to the age of three all of us were aware of our energy body but due to lack of validation we were trained to give importance only to the physical body that was perceived by our physical senses. This is an area, where you would be greatly benefited if you can keep your analytical thinking mind turned down, and maintain a childlike open curiosity to explore unknown territory.

Actually your physical body is also an energy body because quantum physics has shown us that all matter is made up of energy. The only difference is that energy is more dense in your physical body and less dense in your energy body. Your physical body is limited in time and space to the here and now whereas your energy body is not limited to the here and now. I just want to drop the theory and concepts surrounding this subject and take you through a practical journey and show you the existence of your energy body.

Some of you may not be able to smoothly travel on this journey and see and experience your energy body. Please observe your mental stance and try listening to the audios repeatedly for a few times. The fourth audio takes you through an amazing process of syncing your physical body and your energy body and this is very therapeutic, healing and balancing. You will be able to feel this effect and experience actual changes in your physiology if you are a keen observer of your body. 

In the fifth audio, I also give some practical tips on how to use this awareness, the tools, and exercises in your routine daily life. You may just follow the instructions and see if you are able to get the desired results. Your beliefs or ability to perceive the energy body are not a precondition for enjoying the benefits and results from this experiment/exercise. As you keep reaping the benefits, slowly and gradually your resistance will reduce and you will be able to actually perceive your energy body yourself. It could be a long journey and a bit of patience and perseverance would be helpful in opening up your energy body awareness fully. When you regularly practice the 8+8 Energy movements and poses for energy balancing, focusing, clearing and healing from the first module, it becomes very easy to perceive and validate your energy body.

Inner Mind Awareness: We then move on to Mind Awareness or mental body Awareness. Due to our exclusive focus on the physical aspect of the body, it has been assumed that our brain is our mind. I have actually been able to see and feel the presence of my mind all around my body and it will not be wrong to say that the physical body is contained inside our mind. Our mind exists as a layer of energy vibrations all around our body and this can be actually perceived. It can also be validated through some of the processes especially in the fourth module when you will find that you are able to heal and get out of some patterns and habits and blocks by dealing with different parts of your energy body or aura around you, more about this later.

The first five audios of this journey deal with Inner Mind Awareness and the next five, which form part of Module three, deal with Outer Mind Awareness. Intelligence that is measured with IQ is not the same as Mind Awareness. I was a very smart and intelligent kid in school and could grasp complex concepts in mathematics and physics the very first time they were introduced by teachers. I would go on to solve difficult equations and teach the other kids in my class. I never needed extra tuition or practice at home and could top tests without much preparation. In my entire career as an entrepreneur I have heavily relied on my intelligent mind to solve problems and find opportunities. Now, I realise that this was not the smoothest way because I used to take on hundreds of opportunities with most of them fizzling out to leave just a few successful ones. I never knew that I could use my intuition to choose the perfect opportunity for me and drop the rest without going through the costly and time consuming periods of finding out which opportunities would suit me best through trial and error.

The mind is also able to perfectly deceive you by making you believe that the choice you have taken is the best one and hanging on to it for long after it has ceased to pay any returns. Just think of some of your decisions that took a long time to prove wrong and finally got dropped after big losses. In most successful entrepreneurs’ life story, such examples of wrong choices and self-deception would be more prevalent than the ones that were right. Is there actually an easy way to know which opportunities to take up and which ones to drop right at the beginning, each time? My answer is yes but this cannot be achieved by doing the same things that you have been doing all along. In fact it can only be achieved by dropping the doing at some point and starting to just focus on being. Being instead of Doing. After all we are all human beings and not human doings!

Here I want to go back to the evolution of our society and find out why we grew up as intelligent people but never learnt to be aware of and harness the full potential of our mind. Education of the masses, as it has been in existence in the past few centuries, is exclusively focused on providing knowledge and information pertaining to the gross outer physical world. The basic purpose of this education is to help one grow into a perfect bureaucrat or officer or soldier who can obey an order or accept a direction and go execute to perfection. In the past, that is what any Kingdom or King or Queen needed – a mass of people who could obey and execute. Only the King or Queen or the ruling class was expected to take decisions and all other people needed only to be trained to do what they were instructed to do. So we never needed to be able to connect to our intuition or creative aspect, nor were we needed to be able to connect to our emotions or heart to see if the instructions we received felt good or not. This is probably why we find that a great many path breaking entrepreneurs or politicians are school dropouts – they recognised abilities within themselves (abilities that all of us inherently have!) that the education system designed for the masses didn’t help them hone! This course seeks to initiate you into the important education that you never received in your childhood.

We begin the inner mind awareness by peeping into the mind and finding out what is happening there all the time in the foreground and in the background. This is designed to give you an awareness of the background voices that keep constantly telling you what you should and must do or not do and you can even see if this is your voice or somebody else’s voice. In the next audio you will create a tool known as ‘the room in the centre of the head’, which is your space where you go to think. This is a fantastic tool to help you have a perspective of your mind because we are only used to looking outward from the mind and not looking into the mind. We then go through some exercises to isolate and clear out unwanted thoughts, old repetitive voices, nagging memories, and all the clutter, chaos and hustle-bustle that seems to be happening in that space all the time. This is an instantly rewarding and enriching practice and will dramatically help improve your peace of mind, decision-making abilities and mental clarity. You will go through one more amazing practice of learning to organise your mind into separate compartments for your work, career and money related thoughts on one side, future planning and vision related thoughts on another and thoughts related to relationships on yet another side so that you are able to focus on any one area exclusively and productively and not mix up and get distracted and confused all the time. Finally you will learn tips and ways in which you can use this inner mind awareness to directly benefit you in your routine daily life with ongoing projects, tasks and relationships. With this, module two comes to an end.