Module 1 – How to operate from a Happy Place:

Module one begins with an imaginary journey by time machine five years into your future, to see how you are five years later. You can repeat this several times and create exactly what you want and leave it at that, firmly believing that this course will help you get there. After that the theme of first module is to help you regain your Groundedness as a default state of being, I call this “Happy Place” or a happy state of mind. It is a misconception that success makes you happy and here I want to take you through an experience that will demonstrate to you that being in your happy place brings you to success and not vice versa.

The happy place I refer to in this module is not merely happiness.  It is a state of mind, a paradigm, a mental stance that includes all of – peace of mind, gratitude, balanced state, fully present, fully aware, properly grounded, curious, open minded and non-judgmental.  It is the state to be in for making important decisions, building relationships, inspiring people, you can never go wrong or never meet with an accident in this state of mind.  Life could be an easy joyous flow of synchronicity, seemingly magical and fulfilling.  All that you learn in this module will help to take you to this happy place within you and remain there whenever you choose to be.

Next you get an introduction to Awareness and the four aspects of your being. You begin the journey into self-awareness by finding out the answer to the question ‘Where am I?’ and experience travelling with your awareness within your physical body and also outside your physical body. This journey is continued in module two when you go deeper into the self-awareness journey in the first part. You will learn a set of eight simple movements and postures that would take five minutes of your time to do. These movements are designed to balance and focus your energies. You will also practically learn how to reach a place of gratitude within you and operate from that place rather than be in a place of wanting or striving or grasping or needing, as is the norm with society today.

You will learn about your limbic brain, which is home to your body’s evolutionary intelligence, there to aid your basic survival as a social animal, and align this with your forebrain, the centre for your cognitive intelligence. In the second week you will learn another set of eight movements and poses that helps clear or clean and heal your energies and calm down limbic overdrive. Regular practice of these eight movements and poses along with the previous eight will help to rewire your neural circuitry and bring out a more stable, balanced, calmer, healthier version of you. I recommend that you practice these 8+8 energy movements twice daily; each time takes just ten minutes.

If you are a person who goes through emotional outbursts of anger and wreck relationships or things around you, or if you find yourself going down the spiral of sadness, grumpiness or depression, or if you freeze or run away out of fear from any surprises or if you are too shy and ashamed to show up, these energy-clearing and healing movements will bring you out of all these; with protracted practice over several months.

You will then learn, over five audio clips, practical ways to keep your body (and mind!) healthy so that it does not prevent you from being in your happy place. Here you learn about water and how knowledge of the proper way to consume water is actually Amrit or the nectar of life. Next you will learn how to consume food – this is not about what to consume but about what is the definition of food and how to eat your food. This is followed by sleep, what happens during sleep, different stages of sleep, how healthy sleep is different from alcohol or drug-induced slumber and what are the things that prevent us from enjoying natural and healthy sleep and how to avoid these things and sleep healthy. The final audio in this chapter teaches you about physical activity or the bare minimum physical activity or movement your body needs to keep you fit enough for being effective in your work. We end up spending more time at work because of unproductive, inefficient and ineffective time spent in work, which again is due to sub-optimal state of our body, which can be completely reversed with these five audios.


The first module also teaches you about “Being Present” within you in the here and now. You will get several valuable and effective tools to first see how present you are within you in a given moment and to bring yourself to being hundred percent present. You will realise by experience that when you are fully present within you in the here and now, more often that not, your default state of mind will be that of a happy state. One of the main tools that you will learn to use is “Grounding” or “Grounding Cord”. When you learn to be grounded with the help of this tool, you will also be able to offer the same groundedness and presence to everything around you and to everyone around you. Your interactions and experiences of life will be far richer and rewarding in this state. Based on my own experiences, I believe that accidents can never happen when you are in this state. You will also learn to channel and draw upon the healing energies from the energy grid that exists around the planet Earth. You can use these healing energies to heal yourself, others and even future events and patterns in your life. You do not have to believe any of this before you actually do it and see the consistent results practically in your life.To summarise, module one helps you find your happy place within you and be there all the time, it helps you operate from a place of gratitude. You will see that you can reach your goals and milestones easier and quicker with an attitude of gratitude rather than an attitude of striving. You get introduced to your self-awareness journey and the four aspects of your being. You will learn to be present and grounded and help others and events to be present and grounded. You will learn eight plus eight simple movements and poses, a regular practice of which will keep you healthy, energetic, calm and balanced in all circumstances.