The final module number six is the crown of all and here the theme is ‘Building your Vision’. You can even call this unraveling your vision because it is already there for you and you only need to bring it to your awake conscious mind. This module opens with an audiovisual clip where you learn about your Hara Line and how to reconnect it if it is broken or straighten it if it is bent. Hara Line is the backbone of your energy body just as your spine is for your physical body. You will not be able to recollect your purpose in this lifetime or act towards fulfilling that purpose unless the Hara Line is unbroken and straight.

After this you will learn to deepen your intuition by going through a deep guided meditation. In the next audio you will be able to meet your spirit guides and begin conversing with them. The next audio gives you an exercise called “Mirror Work” which you need to regularly practice everyday for the next 30 days. This is deep work although very simple and when you complete this you will be able to stand up and speak with a clarity, simplicity, boldness and transparency that comes only when you start to know and approve of yourself deeply and thoroughly.

The next audio is about how to take your fear along with you as you soar, and this goes against conventional wisdom that you should drop your fears or you should ignore your fears or simply not allow yourself to be afraid. Here you learn that fear is your best friend and welcome it whole heartedly, embrace it, accept it and simply soar ahead towards your goal, allowing fear to strengthen your wings as you soar. Before you begin formatting your vision, you revisit the theme of Be-Do-Have instead of Have-Do-Be that you learnt in the first module. In other words, money isn’t a prerequisite for success and success doesn’t have to precede happiness. You can instead be Happy to begin with and then go out and act out of this happiness and then have or achieve your successes. This is the core truth behind all the rags to riches stories around the world at all times in the human history.

The next few audios take you through a step-by-step process of creating your vision. First you will find out your core values, next you will create an Intention declaration statement where you will state your long-term intention, and then you will see that this intention is your core purpose and your vision is your strategy towards fulfilment of your purpose. For example; if your intention or purpose is to ensure that every child in your community (or town or district or state or country) gets a proper education up to high school, your vision or strategy to help achieve this could be either to start a school or set up a scholarship fund or just join a school as a teacher or even be a social awareness campaigner.

The next step is brought to you in the form of an audiovisual and helps to prepare a comprehensive ‘Don’t want List’ where you will list out all the things that happen in your daily life that you do not want to happen. You shall have at least fifteen items in this list covering all aspects of your life such as career, health, relationships, society, etc. Do not go way beyond your area of influence, for example you may not like the current president of USA and you don’t want him to continue as the president. But this has no direct relevance to your vision if you live in India or some other country! Against each of these ‘Don’t want’ items, you will add a brief note stating why you don’t want this. This list you will turn upside down by writing what you actually want in place of each of your ‘Don’t wants’.

This Want list shall be in the form of positive present tense affirmations and out of this you will learn to create your own vision video. You will learn this in the next audiovisual clip. You will use a power point template and convert it into a continuous audiovisual display, which will act as your Vision Board. You will see that you can begin your journey towards your vision with clarity on just the vision or the end point or goal of the journey and the knowledge of what the first few steps need to be. You don’t need to have the entire path clearly laid out before you begin, you can construct them as you go along using your intuitive inputs and creative insights.

You will learn how to use your vision video as your guiding factor to help inspire and motivate you at an emotional level so that your progress is powered by your passion. You will learn how to take inspired actions and how to create weekly work lists with space for intuitive additions. Being on the right path and going in the right direction and choosing the right opportunities and partners and team members is more important than being fast and multitasking and ticking off too many points every day. With your intuition and support from your spirit guides you will actually do less but achieve more, faster and easier.

Learn to use Telepathy and Intuition to optimise your Impact: The next five audios introduce you to a new area namely your Impact Awareness. You will first learn what it is and then you will see what is your current impact on the world around you. You will learn to use tools and practices to increase your positive impact and reduce your negative impact. Next you will learn to use telepathy to achieve a graceful impact. You will learn to choose your right path and use your intuition to remove roadblocks in the path before you start on the path. Finally you will learn to energetically sell your products or to invite your clients or customers to come to you. The last audio of this module teaches you how to integrate your impact awareness with practical applications for realising your vision. With this the six modules come to a close.

You can listen to the story of my life in these two videos to know more about my life journey that led me into this Awareness Journey. (Links to Video no.3 and 4).