Module five deals with your Beliefs Systems. There are three levels to this; your core beliefs, other general beliefs, and your reputation or image of yourself that others perceive. All these are stored in your energy body in the form of pictures or sets of pictures or scenes in a video clip. Core beliefs are found in your chakras, other beliefs all over your aura and your reputation or image finds place on the outer boundary of your aura. The first two audios aim to help you see how your beliefs are literally stored as pictures.

The next two deal with your core beliefs and how these pictures in the core of your chakras can either be positively charged or negatively charged. Your core beliefs are the foundation on which your entire belief systems or the way you perceive the world rests. Over 80% of these beliefs are formed before you reached the age of seven and usually stay on for the rest of your life unless you go through transformational change in your life. You will learn how such beliefs or pictures are charged and how to find out what type of charge exists on each of these sets of beliefs. You will also learn a new way of looking at the beliefs by asking a question different from the usual one, ‘is my belief right or wrong?’ This question always tends to increase conflict in the world between people who have the opposite set of beliefs. You will see how these core beliefs are your hot buttons and are the root cause of your emotional outbursts, meltdowns and breakdowns and not the external events that seem to have triggered it. Apart from core beliefs, you probably have millions of other beliefs in the form of small pictures all over your aura and many of these could be in conflict with each other. An aha moment in your path to self discovery usually occurs when hundreds of such beliefs combine together and form one single belief and all the contradictory beliefs around this belief dissolves and flows out of your system. This is when something falls in place and you get a clearer and broader picture concerning that subject.

Your reputation or the image you project of yourself to the outside world appears as post-it notes stuck on the outer boundary wall of your aura. Others post this on the outer boundary of your aura and each person posts their opinions on you by this way. This is how your reputation is built around you and even when people see you for the first time they are energetically able to sense or get a feel for your image and reputation. The sayings such as: “society makes or breaks an individual” and “once a criminal, forever a criminal” get created due to this phenomena. Some reputations never get erased even if the person reforms and completely changes their behavior. Over the next two audios you will be guided into meditations for clearing your beliefs and clearing your reputation. Here clearing core beliefs does not mean entirely letting go of your basic core beliefs but actually only letting go of the charge on your beliefs. It’s only the charge on the belief whether positive or negative that causes all your troubles, hot buttons, and outbursts and blocks your growth path. Apart from clearing your reputation you can also create a fresh reputation around you and you will be surprised how the way others relate to you changes by this simple practice.

Instant Relief from Physical Pains, Aches and Discomforts: An audiovisual clip titled ‘Energy of pain and how to release it’ follows this. Just as your beliefs and your emotions are actually energy vibrations in your energy body so also are all your physical pains. All sorts of physical pain is preceded by a block or stagnation or imbalance in your energy body. The pain sensed in the physical body is only a result of this energy block and will go away when you release the energy block in the energy body. In other words pain is only a guest visiting your body with a message that everything is not right with your energy body. It is not very effective to just focus on the physical pain and treat it or to try and kill it with painkillers. You do not kill a guest to your home, do you? This partial understanding and treatment of pains cause them to repeatedly come back because the messenger cannot go away if the message is not received, acknowledged and acted upon.

You will learn a completely new simple energy clearing process that can release most of your pains almost instantly. If you are suffering some form of pain or discomfort in your body at the time of watching this audiovisual, take it as your cue to just do what I demonstrate and instantly see and feel its effects on you. This is one of the most powerful paradigm-shifter for me and I have seen scores of people start to believe in their energy bodies as soon as they go through this experience.

The next one is also an audiovisual dealing with your radiant circuits. You are a radiant being and your natural state is one of shining with radiant joy all the time. Imbalanced and stagnant energies, however, cloud this original radiant nature of yours. You will learn simple techniques to let go and release these energies and return back to your radiant state of being.

Learn to communicate effectively: The next audio deals with holding a mental stance of ‘whatever is happening right now is taking me in a positive direction towards my goals’. You will see how this stance is actually true now that you have cleared your chakras and energy blocks and how this stance actually helps you in moving forward towards your goals. You will learn how to get into this stance and hold on to it as you face seemingly insurmountable hurdles in your path. This is followed by audios on how to move from ‘guilt to faith’ and from ‘blame to gratitude’.

You will learn the difference between thinking and feeling. Our language and the way we use it usually leads us to confusion between feelings and thoughts. Let me give an example; when you say ‘I feel abandoned or abused or manipulated or misunderstood or unappreciated’, these are all your mind or your ego self thinking about the past and have nothing to do with emotions. These are in your head and below this your emotions are on a different level and appropriate words describing your emotions could be annoyed, irritated, alarmed, ashamed, dejected, depressed, etc. You will learn to deal with your emotions with tools you acquired in the emotional awareness audios and you will learn to deal with your thoughts with tools you obtained from the mind awareness audios. When you mix up and start to deal with your emotions by staying in your head and thinking about them, you will not be able to calm down and come back to a balanced state. I will give you a complete list of words under three different headings: Thinking words, Positive emotion words and Negative emotion words.

After this you will learn of the list of universal basic human needs. This list covers almost all the needs of humans on this planet. We are interdependent on each other to get these needs fulfilled. Our emotions get triggered when we perceive that someone of whom we hold a particular expectation for fulfilment of a particular need behaves in ways that does not fulfil that need. This external event or behaviour of the other person becomes the secondary trigger to provoke our hot buttons or emotional outbursts. Rather than reacting in habitual patterns, we can choose to be aware of the underlying need that remained unfulfilled due to the act of the other person and how that person did not meet our expectation. You will learn to first be aware of this and acknowledge the fact to yourself and use the emotional awareness tools to go and be with your emotional response and help release it or heal it. You will learn how to communicate in a productive way with that person and inspire them to change their behaviour rather than pointing fingers and blaming and straining the relationship further.

Using this type of productive ways to communicate is called non-violent communication and helps heal relationships and strengthen the emotional bond between partners. You can also use this to look below the emotional outburst of your partner and instead of listening to their words, listen to their emotions, name their emotions and also find out the unfulfilled basic human need behind that emotion. This leads to immediate behaviour change and reform in any setting, be it professional or personal.

You will learn some of the major abundance blocking beliefs and see if you hold these beliefs in your core belief system. These could be the reason of your repeated patterns of zero balance or financial strain. Examples are: The belief that there is not enough abundance to go around – that is if you succeed with it means someone else has to forgo it. The belief that you are somehow unworthy or unimportant to expect success or wealth. There are several others and it will help your activate your imagination and go in and find out what similar belief you hold and how it is blocking your own path to success, wealth and abundance. The last three audios will teach you three different types of meditation, namely; single word japa with breath, breath tuned with movement of focus, and awareness of breath meditation. Regular practice of these in place of energy draining activities will recharge you and open you up for intuitive insights and creative, out of the box thinking. These practices will also deepen your healing of patterns and clearing your charged beliefs in the long term.