The essence of mindfulness, is in taking action. ‘Action’ that helps us stay present with what is important to us. In our mindfulness based programs and workshops we use journaling, art and meditation as tools for introspection.

Here is a wonderful excerpt on what really mindfulness is

The practice of mindfulness is not only about awareness; it does not stop at seeing life as it is. It is about reconnecting with the values that fire the cauldron of intention and attention. it is not the situation that creates our difficulties; it is the stance we take to it. Mindfulness opens us to value (but not be passively accepting of) the circumstance as a means of cultivating a desire and a path to transform ourselves –Lynette Monteiro.

So today, there are a variety of things you can sit with and be present to:

What are my values? What is of importance to me? How would I like to hold these values, with what attitude? 
For an easier exploration here are some other guiding points: How do I want to feel today, how to I want to feel this minute? How can I use this knowledge to transform myself and my situation, just for today?
If you would like to process this material with me, share your insights or ask questions,write to me.