If you have a kid (especially a toddler) you can appreciate how leaving work at work is something that comes naturally. However, what I am asking you to do is to stay fully present wherever you are. If you are able to appreciate that you are of value at both work and at home, you will naturally be able to stay present wherever you are. If you are feeling underappreciated at either places you will need to re-look at your priorities and perhaps shift things around to feel better about yourself.

Here are some things that help:

It helps to work in an area or field that you are passionate about.


If you already are, then learn to look at the irksome aspects of work and pour some love into those areas. Irksome aspects of work say something about us. Is that area of work challenging and hence irksome? Can you look at difficult parts of work through a different lens? Can you change the way you work?

If you feel poorly about yourself either at work or home, explore where that feeling comes from. Skills can be easily learnt in order to be good at what you do, however, if you have a low sense of self, or feel you cannot be self-accepting or are too hard on yourself learn to explore those feelings as mentioned in the “feel those feelings”.

Play with your baby

This is such a wonderful aspect of coming home for me. Play can be anything ranging from letting your little one lead you into play that she is already involved in as you walk in the door, or it can be something more specific like painting or colouring or signing and so forth. It helps to be creative about the fun things that you can do with your children, be it watching a movie and discussing about gender issues or letting her open your accessory cabinet and having her name everything she dresses up with. The idea is not just to teach while you play but to also wind down and cuddle and love. Do more love today!


  1. Can you show some love and gratitude towards aspects/areas that challenge you, make you procrastinate and loathe work? Can you slowly thaw into this resistance? Build love and compassion for yourself and the work you do in order to overcome work stress.
  2. Play with your baby. Be all there, where ever you are. If you are with your baby, let go of the need to control her play, join her and share in the love you both have, then if you want encourage and invite her to play that you want to tag along. Do more LOVE today!

If you wish to dig deeper into this then get in touch with us.