“You are reborn every morning. What you do today is what matters most.” – Buddha

Let’s explore how to deal with the inner critic that doesn’t seem to allow you to stay in the NOW?

This is one of the most reassuring quotes I have ever read. It helps me acknowledge my shortcomings and gives me a second chance, to live today. To live in the right now, regardless of how yesterday was. Here’s how this quote helped me on a particularly difficult day.

Yesterday was day 1 at work after a year-long break to spend with my little one. Coming back home and winding down was difficult. I felt so torn looking at my little baby. I felt angry at Vasanth. I felt like the tight ropes of control were giving way. I cried, I wiped the tears away, I cried some more. Attachments are such strong aspects of our lives. Moving away, giving space around them is so difficult.

‘You are reborn every morning’ seems to open up possibility of doing things differently everyday, of looking at every day with fresh eyes, looking at “right now”, with fresh eyes, with the “right view” of things, as is, without painting a shade of our own delusions. As is, fresh, beautiful and now. Adjusting, adjusting, coming back, seeing.

Give yourself time to grieve. Give yourself time to fully feel your emotion. But gently allow space around it. Allow for a new way of seeing this next moment, tomorrow.

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