Now, you can’t really structure your days in anticipation of how it might look when you go back to work. However, what you can do is establish daily practices of (self-care) beginning the day, staying open for play with your child, for cooking a delicious meal, of practicing self-care, of pursuing your passions.

To have these practices become second nature to you helps when you start work. Often when we get busy we neglect self-care, or pursuing a hobby we love, cooking or even playing with our child. If you establish a routine of pursuing self-care months before you start work, this habit will kick in at busy times to help you stay grounded, focused and mindful about your priorities.

Here are some things that help



  1. It is important to carve out a “me” time that helps you focus and start the day.
  2. To-do lists about self-care that includes practices of grounding, awareness, stress-busting, relaxing, following your passion is more important to put on your calendar than to-do lists about tasks that need to be done around home or at work.

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