Jealousy and Heartbreak.

Jealousy and Heartbreak   In my opinion and in my own experience Jealousy is an exquisite emotion. It is very sour, but it can leave a sweet aftertaste if you

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Understanding Asexuality

A significant field of research has been emerging on the subjective meaning of asexuality. Discussing this new paradigm of human sexuality requires deep philosophical, ethical, historical and cultural debates that

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History of Female Sexual Dysfunction

In the early 20th century, American psychiatry became increasingly professionalized and medicalized; from the 1930s, it also became significantly psychoanalytic. Psychoanalysis – not Freud’s own writings as much as their

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A tribute to 21st-century women

After multiple, heart-opening sessions in solidarity with a wonderful person who consults with us, someone who has been quite familiar with the concept and functioning of oppressive structures of mental

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