Energy Movements for Clearing and Healing suffering and pain - 4

This article is part four of a four part series: 4


Here is my own personal life story about my experiences with Energy Movements.


In February 2018 I attended an online course called Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. It resonated with my previous practices with yoga and meditation and filled some missing links. For example when I used to repeat some straight movements in my physical exercise routine or yoga practice before this course, it would create an energy imbalance that I could sense but not know how to balance except waiting for it to correct itself. In this course, I learned crossing of energy by crossing movements and this would instantly balance the imbalance created by repetitive straight movements.


I have been practicing these Energy movements at least three times every day for the past three and half years and during this time it has evolved into a beautiful healing practice of my own.


Incessant thoughts – I have found the Crossing movements, especially deep crossing to be the only instantaneous remedy to quieten the mind and get ready for meditation or sleep. I have been a chronic insomniac for many years. I would sleep off for a couple of hours when I go to bed due to physical exhaustion but routinely I would wake up around 2 am for visiting the toilet. Thereafter the mind will begin its overthinking and it would be impossible to sleep again! Since the past three years now, this has been completely healed. I would just do gentle deep crossing (specially designed by me for use in the middle of the night or when suffering with high fever or any other illness)and go back to sleep instantly.


I have never experienced headaches, indigestions, high fevers – and these used to be frequent visitors in my body before, during the last three years. In the beginning, three years ago, whenever these arise, I would immediately practise the Deep crossing movements followed by clearing movements if not the entire 8 + 8 set of energy movements followed by a short nap to get complete relief. Over time now they just do not come at all! Just the regular daily practice of EM is enough preventive measure for complete immunity from any viral infections, viral fevers or routine illnesses.


This experience is not just with my own body, I have seen countless people suffering from high fevers, headaches or any other ache instantly release the suffering and completely feel normal and healthy by just sitting beside them and gently helping them do the Energy movements. This has consistently worked even over video sessions and even for Covid infections.


Cultivating the practice of doing Energy movements twice daily for just ten minutes just after waking up and just before retiring to bed as a regular habit even helps heal chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, insomnia, and others over the long time greatly reducing if not completely eliminating dependance on drugs and medication.


One more great benefit that I have gained with my practice of EM over time is the ease with which I am able to enter into and remain in a deep meditative state, completely free from thoughts. Sitting in the lotus posture to meditate, I would not be able to sit for more than ten or fifteen minutes and by the time my mind slows down and I settle into a deep meditative state, the body would start becoming restless and move around. With regular EM, especially a few movements such as gentle deep crossing and clearing movements just before sitting to meditate helps instantly settle down into a quiet and  deep state of mind and also rests the entire body and mind enabling me to sit motionless in alert awareness for hours!


It is only because of my regular habit of practicing EM that I could begin and continue the daily online guided meditation practice for such a long period of time uninterruptedly.


I feel light, joyful and youthful even as I enter into the sixtieth year of this lifetime like never before! not even during my youthful twenties. I do hope that this story inspires you into cultivating the daily practice of EM as a deeply ingrained habit.


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