Series: Energy Movements. 

This article is part one of a four part series under the following chapters. 

Part 1 : Introduction – What is EM, How does it work, Why does it work.

Part 2: What are the six groups of Energy Movements and its benefits.

Part 3: A detailed description and demonstration of each of the 16 movements that are grouped into the six groups. 

Part 4: My story of discovery and practice of EM and how it has impacted the lives of everyone close to me. 

Part 1: Introduction: What is Energy Movements (EM), How does it work, Why does it work

What is EM: Energy movements (EM) are simple easy movements mainly with the hands. It is not physical exercise because it does not help in flexing, stretching or strengthening the physical body. You could do most of the EMs even while lying down although the best position is to sit upright with feet flat on the floor and back erect. You can also do all the EMs in standing position. Energy movements help in clearing, cleansing, balancing and healing the Energy Body. We do various physical activities regularly and frequently such as – washing hands, face, having a bath, brushing, physical stretches and exercises, etc for our physical body, EM is the equivalent of all these for the Energy body. 

EM adds value to your experience of life even if you are a very physically active person – sports persons can immensely benefit by adding EM to their regular training schedule. On the other hand if you are predominantly inactive physically, EM will gradually help you physical body to begin being able to and wanting to be more active. Therefore EM is universally applicable and helpful to everybody. It is required and useful for a perfectly healthy person as it helps in protecting the boundaries of the Energy body – Any infection, disease or physical ailment that afflicts the physical body appears in the Energy body first and can be cleared away from there itself without ever reaching the physical body. It also helps in bringing the scattered energies back into focus and in balancing imbalanced energies – these movements help in being decisive, having clarity of thought and actions, having confidence and being focussed. 

How does EM work? All the pains, discomforts, disease, ailments that humans experience in the physical body as well as in the Emotional and Thought levels in the mind-body realm are released and one could experience immediate relief as well as long term freedom from these sufferings with sustained practice. This has been the experiential reality for long time practitioners. When I teach these practices, which I have been doing since past three years, I adopt the saying “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and allow the participant to actually do it and see how it feels. You as the reader could do the same by skipping to part 3 of this series. 

Why does EM Work? I attempt to provide a rational basis as well as a scientific approach to the reader here as well as in part 2 with the aim of encouraging you to go ahead and begin the practice of EM and eventually cultivate a habit out of it. 

Energy Movements work on the Energy Body that engulfs and encompasses or contains  our Physical body. The Energy Body is the container that contains the Creative, Intuitive and Analytical Minds, The Emotional Mind-Body, The Limbic mind and the Physical Body – I have written a detailed article about this (click to read). This Energy Body is known as Biofield, Bio-Plasma, Subtle body, Aura, soul or probably many other names in various traditions. Indian and all other Eastern traditions have known and accepted the existence of this Energy Body. 

If you are interested in the scientific basis of this, please read these peer reviewed published articles (click(1) and click (2) to read the Published Papers) (by National Center for Biotechnology Information a part of NIH, USA). Science is still a work in process in this area and Conventional Medical science is yet to universally recognise the Biofield. My attempt here is not to ask you to believe in the existence of an Energy Body around your physically body that you cannot see or perceive with your five physical senses. Instead I would suggest you to allow the possibility of it and hold it as a hypothesis as you embark into this practice to practically verify if doing the movements work for you or not. The point is that practicing EM works irrespective of belief or disbelief in the existence of the energy body. The question of Energy body arises only when you want to analyse and find out why and how it works!

Stay tuned for Part 2! 

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