Experience of leisure

Experience of leisure I was looking forward to this break from work. I had a lot of plans in terms of catching up on pending chores, going out as a

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Mindfulness and Masculinity​

Mindfulness and Masculinity Masculinity is a huge and strong body of framework. It has lived through ideas, rules and principles for years. The medium it chooses to express itself is

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Book Review: Sherlock Holmes Connection

Book Review: Sherlock Holmes Connection Sherlock Holmes Connection by Martin Widmark, Katarina Genar, Anushka Ravishankar and Bikram Gosh and published by Duckbill Books was a wonderful gripping and political a

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Perception of Drugs

The use and abuse of drugs has been an omnipresent concept in our pop culture, history, politics, social culture, personal discovery, and more. Whether we’re talking about smoking a joint

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Ethics in Porn?!

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we have tried to learn what real sex looks like.  When searching for pornography online you may be using keywords like

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