All emotions are electromagnetic energy vibrations that we feel with our emotional mind. We saw this in my last two blogs that dealt with the emotions of Anxiety and Sadness and the various versions of these two emotions. The same holds true with the all the other emotions that we feel such as Anger, Shame, Happiness and all the various versions of these.

The way to deal with all emotions is to first acknowledge the emotion and say to oneself that it is ok to feel so. The next thing is to check within to see if your energies are balanced or imbalanced and if you continue to retain your groundedness or lost it in a cloud of restless thought energies. It is easy to learn basic tools to return back to balance and groundedness and enjoy a smooth experience of all your emotions rather than a rollercoaster of tumultuous upheavals in your life.

However this is not your usual experience with emotions even after understanding, learning and experiencing relief with the above practice of regaining balance, grounding and sitting with your emotions. Why? Because of your underlying habitual tendencies! To be able to deal with your emotions you need to begin from a place of awareness that your emotional mind is experiencing the emotions instead of becoming the emotions and completely loosing yourself in them. This is not possible when the emotion catches you unawares and you are already fully in its grip and you become the emotion.

How does emotion catch you unawares in the first place? This happens because of your habitual tendency of getting lost in your thoughts and loosing your presence and grounding all the time. There is only one way to deal with this deep rooted habitual tendency and that is to gradually replace it with another habit. The habit of being present and grounded first and later on the habit of being able to come back to being present and grounded.

A regular daily practice of doing Energy movements, Meditations, practicing various Mindfulness tools will help create a habit of normally being in a state of presence and groundedness. This will also enable your energies to be in balance as a default state of being. We can then gradually extend this state even to the times when we are in a grip of emotional upheaval due to unavoidable circumstance and with awareness create a new habit of being able to regain balance and groundedness with ease. Therefore, the way to master your emotions is to understand the underlying habitual tendencies of loosing presence and fostering new habits with patience and perseverance to replace them.

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