Series: Energy Movements-The six groups of movements and its Benefits

This article is part two of a four part series.

 The six groups of Energy Movements for Clearing and Healing

The daily EM practice that I teach and recommend consists of 16 different movements that can be grouped on the basis of the effect that is experienced. The actual movements are described and demonstrated in part 3. This part only deals with the theory behind the movements. 

  1. THE CROSSING MOVEMENTS : There are three movements in this group. Crossing movements result in bringing the Energy Body into balance or equilibrium. This can be sensed immediately after doing it. All the other energy movements are effective only when the energy body is first brought into balance. These movements cannot bring about balance when you are sick with some infections or in chronic or acute pain, or when you are extremely exhausted or when there is severe sleep deficiency. Deep crossing or Double Deep crossing is recommended under these severe conditions, which will be a topic of a future article.
  2. THE FOCUS MOVEMENTS: There are two movements in this group. When your energies are scattered you experience it as restlessness in your mind, rapid scattered thoughts, jumping thoughts, inability to focus, confusion and inability to decide or make a choice with even simple things. Doing the focus movements after balancing your energy body with the crossing movements is more effective.
  3. THE HEADACHE RELIEF AND RADIANCE ENERGIES MOVEMENTS: There are two movements in this group. These are also called opening the crown or opening the cosmic energy flow movements. Radiance energies is the natural radiance that life or simply being alive brings with it to our body. This radiance gets submerged under a cloud of negative energies that block the flow of cosmic energy and that’s why we are not radiant and joyful all the time. These movements work more effectively in combination with Clearing Energy movements.
  4. THE 4 + 7 ACTIVATION MOVEMENTS: There are two movements in this group. The first one is tapping with the tips of fingers at four different points in the body. The first point is the end of the Stomach meridian of the Acupuncture energy meridians  in the body. The second point is the end of the Kidney meridian, the third is on the stomach meridian for activation of the Thyroid that deals with metabolisation, the fourth point is the last point of the spleen meridian.

    The second movement consists of pressing and massaging of 7 Energy points for Lymph nodes activation. The Lymph nodes do not have a circulation system like blood circulation and so when you are physically inactive (the urban white collar desk worker) these nodes tend to stagnate causing disease.

  5. THE ENERGY CLEARING MOVEMENTS: The Energy body accumulates debris, stagnated energies, negative energies that are the primary cause for all types of Physical, Emotional and Mental pain and suffering. These energy clearing movements are the equivalent of taking a bath or a shower to thoroughly clean and clear the body. There are four movements in this group.
  6. THE LIMBIC MOVEMENTS: There are three movements in this group. The first two movements are simply tracing the entire energy meridian of Triple Warmer that signals the production of Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine. We go into Limbic hijack (click here to read about Limbic hijack) when this energy meridian is overactive. With these two movements we trace in the opposite direction of the meridian flow to deactivate or calm down the meridian. Finally the third movement is on the spleen meridian – flushing with one opposite movement on the spleen meridian followed by activating with three movements along the flow of the meridian. 

A healthy life – completely immune to infections and disease – is to bring about a subtle awareness when these diseases occur first in the energy body. We experience the infection or the disease in the Energy body at least a few days prior to the physical occurrence. We can clear it off at the energy body itself with these energy movements and it would never reach the physical body, enabling us to enjoy freedom from pain and suffering all the time. This is not a hope or a fantasy but actual lived experience as you can read in part four of this series. 

A long term regular habit of doing all the 16 energy movements – it takes just ten minutes to do all of it – three times every day – Upon waking, once during the day and just before retiring to sleep – would give you that subtle awareness to sense infections and disease in the energy body itself before it reaches the physical body. The energy body is actually a space suit around the physical body and can be effectively used to protect the physical body as intended by nature. 

Once you cultivate a regular habit, it would become natural to respond to any physical experiences – such as indecisiveness, confusion, lack of focus, feverishness, mild pains, restlessness, anxiety, stress, lethargy, procrastination, depression, impatience, even boredom and loneliness – first with Energy Movements rather than running outside for the solution. Primary response is at the energy body and only secondary response needs to be on the physical plane. This goal is possible when you practice EM over the course of a couple of years. It is slow and needs to be cultivated with patience but it is totally worth it when you look at the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency that would result in your life when you are completely free from pain and suffering at all levels – physical, emotional and mental. 

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