Make a decision and know that it is yours

If you haven’t already gone back to work, but are at a place where you are considering your options, take your time through this process. One thing is for sure, there is no right answer. You may want to go back to work because you have to get the money to stay afloat, or you may be itching to go back to doing what you love most, or you may be feeling a bit of both. Whatever the reason, there is no harm in trying it out, going back to work with a baby in tow, that is.

Here are some things that help along the goal of going back to work:

Of course! It will be hard to go to work leaving your baby at home/day care but wait it out and partake in activities mentioned below to accept and recover from this emotional turmoil (yes it feels like turmoil, albeit brief). You will feel better soon.

Remember, this list is neither comprehensive nor mandatory for you to feel confident about going back to do work. Nonetheless, you will need to own up to your decision and take full responsibility for it. This is not to scare you away from taking the decision that could impact your family, anything but. Responsibility comes from freedom. When you have the freedom to decide the course of your life, there is a high likelihood that you are more responsible for it. So instead of blaming it on someone else or your life’s situation, accept your decision with utmost love and gratitude. This is your path for the now.



  1. It helps to give some time before you make the decision of going back to work after your baby is born. Don’t make a decision when you are overwhelmed. (You can spend that time getting to know your baby and the “new you” better.)
  2. There is no one right answer for everyone. Also, no one can decide for you whether going to work or staying at home is your path to happiness. You might know straight off the bat what your path is. If not, you can always try both out for a good period of time before you settle in.
  3. Rather than blaming your decision on circumstances or people, own up to them as yours-that is the only way to stay sane and mindful about the actions that you take on a daily basis.

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