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If you are looking to find a safe space to explore, express and find support and community in your journey as a queer person (sexual and/or gender identity) with a mental health experience. Please join us.

What to expect: this is a psychotherapy support group for queer folk. We will explore experiences of being queer in a patriarchal cis-heteronormative world. Often times queer experiences and the erasure and emotional deprivation we experience lead to several mental health conditions and challenges as well, apart from the daily life challenges (and also joy ofcourse!)

The group will be a relaxed, conversational one, we will bring experiences into the group that would like to be held with care, love, non-judgement. Individuals may take away reflections and insights into their life and a support group to fall back on regularly. The group will be facilitated by Queer counselors who are also queer affirmative practitioners.

To register: Please DM or call 8106864001 and register.

For whom: To group is for individuals who identify as queer.

Fee: Rs 100 per session.

Session: Twice a month. Second and fourth saturday every month. 

Timings: 5pm to 7pm

Venue: Zoom and in-person(eventually, at hyderabad)

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