Mindfulness Care Circle

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Days: Every Saturday

Timings: 10:00am to 11:00am

Venue: Pause for Perspective’s Zoom sessions

Register: Rs200/- per session

Contact: DM or call +91 8106864001 to register 

In these sessions, we will be practicing mindfulness meditations. We will discuss about living mindfully and help one another develop our practice and deepen awareness. These are ideal sessions for both beginning and veteran practitioners. If you are exploring mindfulness the care circle also gives you a glimpse into the community and its offering of support and deepening of mindfulness. Join us and sample a taste of mindfulness and presence.

The care circle is ideal if you are:

-New to mindfulness and meditation and feel that it is not for you but have heard so much about it and want to try.

-Looking for a safe community to connect with to learn and understand the secular aspects of meditation and how it can help create intimacy with your own self.

-Looking for a place to understand and be introduced to mindfulness with direct contact with the facilitators. 

-Looking to continue a long term practice and come to a community once in a while so you can come back to what is really important in mindfulness and meditation practices. 

-Looking to start slow, take small steps in being present for yourself through the practice of Mindfulness meditation. 

Who leads the care circle?

Trained Mindfulness Based Symptom Management and Trained Integrative Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Practices Practitioners lead the program. They are expects in mental health as well as mindfulness and integrate these practices to help people experience well-being that works for each one of us. 

What if I want more than a weekend practice of Mindfulness?

We have an 8 week program in Mindfulness Based Symptom Management that helps individuals learn and understand both the science and experience of mindfulness. This 8-week program is an international Mindfulness Based Intervention. Pause for Perspective is a certified and trained centre to deliver Mindfulness Based Symptom Management. To learn more about the program click here. 

If you are interested in a daily meditation practice take a look at our Live online meditation sessions that happen twice a day, EVERY day! To learn more about the program click here.

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