Our previous article ‘The ‘D’ Word: Breaking the Internalised Shame Around Divorce’, talks about how to break the internalised shame around divorce. This article will highlight the importance of having a support system during this difficult transition, how vital it is for the recovery process. Going through a divorce can be exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally, for everyone involved. 

One is left with the feelings of loneliness, abandonment, betrayal, anger, resentment, confusion, moodiness, insomnia, fear and anxiety. It becomes very hard to know how to properly support someone going through the turbulence of emotions and if it happens to be a loved one, then it’s that much harder. Hence, it is imperative to surround oneself with supporting people. 

What to know about being a support system for a person going through divorce?

As human beings, we are inclined to connect and belong. Having the right and supportive people around you can make all the difference. Here are a few reasons how strong support systems can help one to lead a positive life post divorce:

Things to avoid saying:

Who can be a support system during a divorce?

Finding the proper support system during divorce is vital for recovery, but how to find it?

Getting through the exhausting, inconvenient and painful process of divorce can put a strain on one’s mental health and we are here to help. At Pause for Perspective, we have trained therapists who have had experience in working with couples who are seeking to either improve their relationship or considering a cordial separation or are already divorced and are looking for help to get through the emotional process of divorce. One might come across many people who will not understand their situation, hence it is important to choose one’s support system wisely.

This article is written by our writer Insha Fatima.