How to support people through divorce

Our previous article ‘The ‘D’ Word: Breaking the Internalised Shame Around Divorce’, talks about how to break the internalised shame around divorce. This article will highlight the importance of having

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Myths about Relationships

Relationships are beautiful. Being able to love someone and be loved back is such a blessing. All of us have grown up fantasizing this amazing thing called ‘Love’ to be

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Love, Heart Break and Moving on!

LOVE That one special emotion that drives everyone crazy (in a good way though). Love as defined in the dictionary “A strong feeling of affection.” That’s it? That’s not all. May

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Money Matters in your Marriage

Scenario 1: Shilpa,  a 28year old fiercely independent woman works as a Chartered Accountant in a reputed MNC. Married last year she and her husband earn equally and adequately. They

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