That one special emotion that drives everyone crazy (in a good way though).

Love as defined in the dictionary “A strong feeling of affection.”

That’s it? That’s not all. May be we just do not have the paraphernalia to define it.

Ever wondered how much is written and said about love?

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to today’s Twilight all revolve around love. And that’s not the end. There is Music, Films, Drama, name it you have it all trudging along that one subject called Love. Love – Re-kindles the joy in a film maker, sparks a light in the eyes of an artist and always a writer’s muse.

All I know for now is that Love rules. Takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Let’s you see the world for once from those pink-tinted goggles.

Majority of us might have experienced that romantic love.

When in love you waited on the sidewalk to meet your significant other. They were late, leaving you red with anger. Only that it melted away like butter when they came for you. Those agonizing hours of waiting didn’t mean anything anymore.

You felt those teeny tiny butterflies in your stomach when you thought of them. Every moment was electric. Flowers blossomed in all colours. Rainbows appeared day after day. You woke with a smile and went to bed thinking about them.

All in all life made more sense.

Ding Ding Ding!!!

Reality check.

Couples drift apart. Fall out of love. Sometimes move away from each other geographically.

Bottom line?  They separate for whatever reason it is. Some breakups leave us relieved; some put a dent in the heart.

Moving on can be very hard initially but here is the road map to successfully walk away from the heart wrenching disaster.

  • Brood Over it:  Give it all the thought you can. Stop avoiding the thoughts of the break up. More you suppress the unwanted thoughts, generally they intrude more. Vent out all the emotions you are experiencing. If you feel that there is something left to say to your SO, write a long letter (never to be sent), expressing all your feelings.
  • Disconnect with the Ex: Break all the contact. Cease all the lines of communication. Don’t take a trip down the memory lane with all those pictures you posted on social media together. Remove all kinds of reminders that remind you of them. Nope! You are not allowed to cyber stalk too.
  • Accept that it’s over: A week of crying and cravings to call or text on phone. And it’s time to accept it’s over. Do not live in the false hope that your ex- partner would measure up your worth and come back flying to you (in case you are the dumpee).  Strongly establish the reasons behind the break up. Write them down or verbalise them. Loud and clear!!! Only if you accept the current situation will you be able to do something about it.
  • Take steps to heal yourself:
    • Take a vacation alone. Live the quiet moments. Understand that you are complete within yourself.
    • Read a good book.
    • Enjoy solitude.
    • Pamper yourself. Get a spa treatment or try a new hairstyle.
    • Re-establish the connection with your inner self.
    • Adopt a pet or grow a plant. Volunteer in an old age home or an orphanage.
  • Move on! : Life goes on. Live it or stop yourself from living. Make a choice. Nothing should stop anyone from living and enjoying the highest degree of freedom. Nobody wants to wake up to a morning only to realize that they are not there in their own lives. Live it up with intensity and an intention. Leave the baggage and spare your shoulders the weight.


NOTE: This is a Guest Post by our inhouse Psychology Intern