Difficult emotions… all of us are faced with them. Sometimes, we let them take over and other times we simply push them away. But what we are doing is, simply avoiding them.

What is at the heart of dealing with difficult emotions?

It is this acknowledgement:

“I was feeling distant and separated. I am glad I acknowledged the momentary nature of this emotion.I am also glad that I willed myself to stay with the right now while the restlessness stayed in the background. Perhaps this feeling, these ups and downs, loneliness, love never goes away. What does go away though is the craving to have one and push the other away.”

This exercise is at the heart of your mindfulness journey and at the heart of dealing and freeing yourself from difficult emotions.

Can you gently allow your difficult emotion to rest in the background but really be present for this moment. Again, each time you feel the difficult emotion creep into the foreground acknowledge it and let it be as you go about your day to day life.

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