Emotions arise from three distinctly different levels of the Emotional mind. The first level of our emotional mind is involved with our physical survival instincts. It exists to protect us physically and preserve our individual identity. The second level helps connect and protect us collectively as community or as an entire species. The third level arises as the emotional expression of our higher mind and connects to the oneness of all that is. It can be seen as the awakening of the spirit within. 

Emotions arising out of the first level are those of Anger, Fear, Sadness Shame, passion and possessive Love (each of these emotions include several other emotions and you can find the entire list in the articles hyperlinked for each one). I would like to look at these emotions as earthy emotions. In the energy psychology perception, these originate out of the sacral chakra which is close to the root chakra located at the lowest point of the spinal cord. When we are grounded which means that the root chakra connection to the core of the earth is intact, all these earthy emotions are enjoyable as they provide the essence to our life. These emotions are the spice of our life. 

Emotions arising out of the second level are those of Joy, Gratitude, Loving Kindness, Compassion, Happiness and Sadness – sadness here is compassionate grief that connects. These emotions are Hearty emotions as they emerge from the Heart Chakra. These emotions are always present within each of us but their flow is blocked due to our preoccupation or intense engagement with the earthy emotions and the interconnected thought patterns. 

Emotions arising out of the third level are those of Peace, Equanimity, Tranquility, Devotion, Faith, Surrenderfulness, gracefulness. These are Spiritual emotions as they emerge from the Third Eye Chakra. However they are not connected to religion or religiousness which can be experienced from all the three levels of the emotional mind. 

When you look at human emotions from this perspective a lot of sense can be made out of emotional behaviour and an understanding arises about what actually happens during the process of emotional growth into maturity. Our default state during childhood and early youth is the first level of our emotional mind because survival instinct and self preservation are basic for all living beings. As we gradually grow into wisdom and emotional maturity over the course of a lifetime, with awareness we are able to raise our default state to the second and third level of our emotional mind. During the course of this growth, with mindfulness and with consistent practice of coming back to our groundedness and presence, we can even shift our temporary operating state of being to the second or third level of our emotional mind. This gives us brief pockets of experiencing relief from suffering, rest and rejuvenation. 

It is also possible that one can go through their entire lifetime and still remain in the first level of the emotional mind. In fact this usually is the case and from the perspective of Awareness it is called unconscious living. Unconscious of the possibility of transformational experience that can be lived with the consistent practice of returning back to a state of mindfulness or awareness. We tend to continue to live in this state of unconsciousness due to being stuck in a repetitive pattern with life. Different life patterns are accompanied with different physical conditions of health and disease.  Releasing from such life patterns is called the process of healing and it simultaneously heals the physical health condition. 

You can conduct an emotional status check within yourself to see what kind of emotions you normally experience and know the level of emotional mind that is your current default state. This process of conducting a self check of your own emotional mind itself is a practice of coming out of your unconsciousness. 

Selansmentoring helps you with this growth with three offerings. One is with Energy Healing in which the healer directly communicates with the underlying stuck energy patterns causing the life patterns and clears and heals them, facilitating wholesome healing on all levels. The second is the online mentoring course – Awareness Journey. The third is the cultivation of longterm practice of meditation with the PfP SelvanS Online Guided meditation group.