Integrative Mindfulness Based Practice Training Program

Dates coming up in September 2021

Certification in Mindfulness Informed Therapy

The IMBPT program is a dual certification program. Mindfulness Informed Therapy is a way to integrate mindfulness in in-person session. 

Certification in Mindfulness Based Symptom Management

This dual certification program allows for training in leading people in the 8-week Mindfulness Based Symptom Management

Steps to certification

Step 1: Certified Mindfulness Informed Therapy

This is a five months training program with five modules. Each module is a four day session from 10:30pm to 5:00pm (Wed-Sat) with four weeks of practice and supervision in between modules to integrate the modules’ training. 

-Each module will have reading and reflections to complete towards certification.

-A course with the Canadian Psychological Association needs to be completed towards certification (separate fee to be made to CPA)

Participants can graduate after step 1 and use it as a stand alone credentialed to practice Mindfulness Informed Therapy. 

NOTE: MBSM (5-day intensive or 8-week Program need to be completed to start step 1)

Step 2: MBSM Qualified Teacher

After Module 2 participants are eligible to begin step 2. Participants can also wait till the end of module 5 to begin this process. Certification will be given only after step 1 and step 2 are complete. 

Step 2 entails (a) that the participant create and lead five mindfulness circle sessions in a period of two to three months. and (b) complete one co-teaching or mentored session with an MBSM trained teacher at Pause for Perspective. This can be an individual session or a group session through Pause for Perspective. 

-A reflection paper will be submitted towards certification at the end of the MBSM co-teaching/mentored session.  

Step 3: MBSM Certified Teacher

The pathway to becoming a certified teacher of the MBSM program is to lead three MBSM group sessions under the mentoring of the MBSM mentor/supervisor at Pause for Perspective.

The participant will bring together a group (Free 8 week for marginalised spaces or paid program). The mentoring will either be free or charged depending on the spaces where the participants lead the MBSM will be led. 

Fee for supervision will be discussed between MBSM teacher and participant. 


Training Modules

Module 1: Mindfulness Oriented Psychotherapy: Presence

In this module we focus on the origins of mindfulness, presence, and the neuroscience both. We deep dive into aspects of the present moment include our own attachment patterns, our identity locations and look at the space we hold for ourselves and our clients as well as the space in between. 

Ethics and Mindfulness Informed Psychotherapy

We look at different frames of holding our experience as therapist and the experiences of our clients. We introduce BEST, IAS and RAIN as ways to formulate client experiences. We also look at ethics of and ethics in Mindfulness Practices and become informed in Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Practices.

Module 3: Retreat

You will spend three days in silent meditation and mindfulness practices. You will also engage in mindfulness based expressive arts as well as listening to expert podcasts to integrate your learnings in the program and embody them. 

Module 4: Mindfulness Informed Psychotherapy

In this module you will learn about different modalities of practices within mindfulness such as Polyvagal theory, Somatic Experiencing, IFS, ACT, CFT, Narrative and more. We will look at mindfulness and how significant clinical mental health concerns may be seen through the lens of mindfulness. 

Module 5: Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy for Families & Groups (Children, Couples, Families and Groups)

In this module you will learn more about working with couples, families and children through the mindfulness conceptualisation and interventions. 

common questions

Given the growing interest among psychotherapists of all theoretical orientations, this 5month long program will explore the integration of mindfulness in psychotherapy and train in becoming an 8 Week Mindfulness Based Symptom Management teacher.

  • You will learn to conceptualize and intervene in ways that ensure you are culturally sensitive and ethically respectful
  • You will learn to capture the nuances of integrating diagnostic perspectives while keeping the person coming to see you at the center, as someone with agency
  • You will learn ways of questioning, interviewing, offering directives, and suggestions based on learning more about the needs of the person
  • You will be able to fine tune your presence to ensure that you are being the therapist the person, your client, needs you to be
  • You will learn several techniques and interventions that are from the different schools of approaches that ground with Mindfulness practices
  • You will incorporate practices that will help you grow multi-fold in your personal life as well as professional life
  • You will be able to work with a wide population such as children, families, spouses, women, and LGBTQIA.
  • You will learn to work with process-based interventions that help you analyze your own work as an individual and therapist.
  • You will learn to incorporate the modalities learnt across cultures and settings

There are 5 modules in all. 

Each module has an immersive component, where participant will go into becoming aware of themselves, people they consult with and the space in between.

Each module is four days long. BEtween each module there is a 4-6 weeks gap and supervision occurs every fortnight to incorporate the teachings from the modules. 

One can aim to finish the program with step 1 and 2 within 9 months and choose to finish step 3 at your own pace.

The IMBPT program is currently delivered online. Module 3 is ideally held in-person at a retreat space chosen jointly by the team. However, given the pandemic restrictions please set an intention to be present for three days in a space that can be quite, relatively removed from people. 

Write to to set up an appointment to meet and talk about the program, its requirements and other necessary details to see if you are a good fit for the program. You can also call 8106864001 to make an appointment with Aarathi for an interview and Q&A about the program.

  1. The program cost is Rs: 35000 + 18% GST = 41,300/-(Instalments available)
  2.  A separate fee of CAD 199/- to the Canadian Psychological Association to complete a course on Advanced Skills in Mindfulness-based Interventions.
  3. Finally there will be a low cost mentoring fee to complete step 3 (in case you will be charging the participants of the group you create).

Yes attendance in all 5 modules is mandatory. If you need accomodations please reach out to the teaching team. Step 2 and 3 are completed in the time frames mentioned. 

Attendance and completion of submissions of reading assignments and reflection papers are mandatory parts to the certification process. 

We are at Pauses for Perspective, Hyderabad.