Energy Movements for Clearing and Healing suffering and pain – 3

This article is part three of a four part series. 

 Each of the 16 Energy Movements within the six groups are described and demonstrated in this article. Reading and then viewing the video attached hyperlinks is recommended. 

Posture: It is recommended and more effective when you do the Energy Movements while sitting with back erect, feet planted firmly on the floor – The bottom of the feet from heal to toes fully in contact with the floor. Eyes to be in a fixed gaze looking at one spot preferably on the floor in front and not to move the eyeballs to look around during the practice. The breathing during the movements is breathing in from the nose, just a little bit deeper than your normal breath and breathing out from the mouth – the exhale longer and louder than the inhale. 

You can do all the EM except no.3 and 4 while standing, feet slightly apart and fully in contact with the floor. You can also do many of the movements while lying down except the following – All the clearing movements, the headache relief and radiance movements, the 3rd movement in the crossing group and the 3rd movement in the limbic group. 

Stance and Mindset: Before starting the EM practice decide how many minutes you can give yourself for the practice and choose which ones you can do in the given time. Do the movements slowly, without hurry, without thinking of the next movement or the next work after the practice. Be aware of the mind and gently bring it back to the practice when it strays away. Always begin with at least one minute of the “Four Simultaneous Activities”. 

THE FOUR SIMULTANEOUS ACTIVITIES:  Sitting in the posture as above, stay with these four simultaneous activities for two to four minutes before starting the EM practice. (1) Comfortable deep breathing – as described above. (2) Gently rubbing the palms of the hands against each other. (3) Eyes gazing at a fixed spot as described above. (4) Ears deeply listening to all the ambient sounds. 

Now we move on to the description of movements – group-wise. 

CROSSING MOVEMENTS – Movement 1 – Shoulder Crossing: Gently grip the left shoulder with your right hand, take an in breath and as you exhale move the hand diagonally across your body all the way to your right hip. Repeat five times and then do the same with your left hand. 

Movement 2 – Full Crossing: Both hands in front of your body as if you are holding a huge inflated balloon, lift your left leg and gently slap the left knee with the right hand and then back to position, next lift right leg and gently slap right knee with left hand and back again. Repeat at least ten times. Breathe rhythmically in tune with the movements in whatever pace that is comfortable. 

Movement 16 – Crisscrossing. In the daily practice of  all the 16 movements, we begin and end with crossing movements. That is why this movement is number sixteen. We trace the horizontal figure ‘8” (you can call it infinity symbol or even figure ‘X’) starting from down to up on all sides, completely crisscrossing your entire energy body. 

Click to View all the three crossing movements.

FOCUS ENERGY MOVEMENTS – Movement 3 – Place the right foot on the left knee and hold the right ankle with your left hand, cross over and hold the right heel with your right hand. Stay in this position and take five deep breaths in from the nose and out from the mouth. Repeat on the other side. 

Movement 4 – Keep the right foot across over the left foot, let the hands face each other in front of you as if holding a football, move the right hand slightly upwards, cross hands, twist palms and clasp the palms of each other and bring the hands together in a circular motion to rest on the chest. Stay in position and take five deep breaths. Repeat with left foot over right foot and left hand slightly upwards before crossing and twisting. 

click to view the two Focus energy movements.

HEADACHE RELIEF & RADIANCE ENERGY MOVEMENTS – Movement 5 – Move the tips of all your fingers across your forehead in a parting motion while simultaneously moving your hands slowly upwards and backwards all the way till the back of your neck, as if opening up the crown of your head for the cosmic energy flow. Then grip your shoulders with either hands and take one deep breath, slide the hands to your chest and take one more deep breath.

 Movement 6 – Move the tips of the fingers of both hands from navel to chin in a smooth upward movement and sweep the hands in a circular pattern creating an imaginary boundary around you to bring the tips of the fingers back together at the navel. Repeat and then in the last repeat stop at the chin and do a locking movement as if you are turning a key in a lock at the chin. Then place the tip of the thumb of left hand at the base of your spine and trace it upwards on the spine as far up as you can. At that point continue the upward tracing along the spine with the tip of the long finger of your right hand, over your head and till the tip of your nose. Its ok if the tip of your left thumb does not touch the tip of your right long finger, do not strain. Repeat three times. Then touch the centre of your forehead with right hand long finger and the navel with left hand long finger, push in slightly and drag upwards slightly with both fingers, hold and take five deep breaths. 

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4 + 7 ACTIVATION MOVEMENTS – Movement 7 – Gentle tapping with the tips of your fingers – (1) on the bone under your eyes, (2) under the end point of the collar bone, (3) below the throat, (4) on the ribs. 

Movement 8 – Gentle pressing and massaging with the tips of your fingers at these seven places – (1) parting line between chest and arms, (2) Lung points on the chest, (3) On the sternum bone, (4) Under the rib cage, (5) One rib above 4, (6) One rib above 5, (7) Inner and outer thigh line. 

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THE CLEARING MOVEMENTS – Movement 9 – Hands on knees, take one deep breath in and out. The next in breath move your hands upwards in a circular path, turn the palms to face backwards and as you exhale as if blowing out a candle, sweep your hands down in a throwing down style. Repeat five times. 

Movement 10 – Hands on the hips slightly behind you, breathe in and then as you exhale gently move your hands down your outer thighs, legs and around the ankles all the way to the tip of the little toe. As you breathe in again move the hands from the inner side of the big toe, around your ankles on the inside, up to your knees, up the inner thighs, out to the hips and up to the armpits and again down to the ribs. Repeat 3 times. 

Movement 11 – Start with hands together at the chest, one deep breath. Move Right hand palm upwards, facing the sky and left hand palm downwards, facing the earth, hold position and take three breaths. Bring the hands together at the chest and take one deep breath. Now move Left hand palm upwards facing sky and right hand palm downwards facing earth, hold position and take three deep breaths. Bring hands together at the chest, one deep breath. Repeat entire sequence three times. 

Movement 12 – Bend down and let the hands hang freely and take three deep breaths. Roll your hands slowly as you move upwards all the way to the top of your head. Repeat three times.

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THE LIMBIC MOVEMENTS – Movement 13 – Tips of fingers covering eyes for one deep breath, slide fingers to the temples and take one deep breath, slide the fingers gently behind your ears and all the way to the end of the shoulders while taking another deep breath, grip your shoulders and take one deep breath and slide hands to chest to take one more deep breath. Repeat four times.

Movement 14 – Tips of your right hand fingers on the left temple, left hand on the right knee, one deep breath and then during the next breath slide the right hand behind ears, across shoulders, down left hand all the way to the ring finger, hold the ring finger and give a gentle pull. Repeat on the other side. The entire sequence repeat four times. 

Movement 15 – Hands on the ribs, gently move upwards to the armpits, down to hips, to inner thighs and down all the way around ankles to the tip of the big toes. Three times reverse the same movement from the tip of big toe all the way up to the armpits and down to the ribs. 

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