Fear and Liberation

Fear and Liberation This week, I was sitting with my fear(s) when I twisted my foot, and it turned out to be a fracture. I resisted this fact with all

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Leisure and Loiter to Thrive

Leisure and Loiter to Thrive Accessing leisure can be seen as being “unproductive”. Having to relax and take out time for oneself in any way is often reserved for men

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Mindfulness and Masculinity​

Mindfulness and Masculinity Masculinity is a huge and strong body of framework. It has lived through ideas, rules and principles for years. The medium it chooses to express itself is

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Ethics in Porn?!

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we have tried to learn what real sex looks like.  When searching for pornography online you may be using keywords like

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History of Female Sexual Dysfunction

In the early 20th century, American psychiatry became increasingly professionalized and medicalized; from the 1930s, it also became significantly psychoanalytic. Psychoanalysis – not Freud’s own writings as much as their

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