Bhanuja Peddu(She/her)

Bhanuja Peddu (She/her)

Bhanuja is a Mental Health Practitioner and consultant at Pause. She is trained in Mindfulness and Narrative Practices. She works with children, young adults and couples. She works in the direction of creating an environment that feels welcoming and validating for all intersections of identity, culture and lived experiences. She’s trained in mindfulness, narrative practice and trauma informed care with 3 years of experience. She strongly believes in community care. Her approach to therapy is a collaborative process of building a relationship that is mindful, sensitive to the dynamics of power, having difficult conversations in a respectful and compassionate environment.


B.A Psychology from St. Francis Degree College for Women, Hyderabad.

P.G Diploma in Psychological Counselling from St. Francis Degree College for Women, Hyderabad.

M. SC Counselling Psychology, Sampurna Montfort College, Bangalore.

CERTIFICATIONS Prevention of Sexual harassment – One Future Collective Anti Fat liberation – Body Trust

Understanding and Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment – TARSHI

Queer Sexual and Physical Health One Future Collective

IMAGO Relationship Therapy – Pause for Perspective

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy – Pause for Perspective and Ottawa Mindfulness clinic.

Short-term training in Narrative Ideas and Practices – Umeed and Pause for Perspective

Mindfulness Based Symptom Management Program – Pause for perspective

Solution Focused Practice -2018

Workshops – Parenting child with developmental needs, alternative therapies, SFBT.

Goal: To engage people in compassion, discover potential in people and help them tap into it to live their best lives

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