An Energy Psychology Perspective

Anxiety is an electromagnetic vibration of a certain range of frequency that is felt in our emotional mind. Feeling wretched, afraid, alarmed, anxious, apprehensive, concerned, fearful, frightened, hesitant, horrible, jittery, nervous, panicky, shaky, shocked, startled, surprised, suspicious, uneasy, unglued, unnerved or worried are all part of the same range of vibration. All sentient beings possess this emotional vibration within them all the time and this is an evolutionary survival mechanism. When it is at the lowest frequency, it just remains dormant underneath and we do not feel it, we are able to go on with our lives.

Certain triggers activate this dormant vibration and its frequency increases and comes out to the forefront and then we begin to feel any of the above listed feelings. There are three sources from which these triggers originate as listed below.

  1. Limbic mind. When our physical wellbeing is threatened, it activates the trigger. When the glucose or oxygen levels in the body drops due to hunger or thirst or shallow breathing all of which goes unnoticed due to our mind being preoccupied when we are busy at work, the limbic response triggers the anxiety vibrations. It can also happen due to bad posture for long time, holding off the urge to urinate or other physical discomforts.
  2. Emotional mind. Anxious vibrations active in others near us can also trigger the same in us by way of a mechanism similar to that of the tuning fork that vibrates with the same frequency of another nearby tuning fork without any contact. We are always connected with all our closest relatives such as siblings, child or parent and even when they are far away, our anxious vibrations get triggered when they are suffering extreme anxiety. This is empathy and even though the anxiety does not belong to us, we tend to feel it as though it is our own.
  3. Rational mind. When we read or hear news, which we use to create imaginary scenarios of doom or unpleasantness for ourselves, we end up triggering our anxiety vibrations.

Once the vibrations are triggered by any of the above origins, the other two join in and feeds an upward spiraling loop of progressively stronger vibrations. It is useful to understand that anxiety or any of its above associated emotions are merely electromagnetic vibrations and can be grounded and released into the earth. This is similar to the lightning rod and electrical earthing circuit, if a building does not have this it could get burned when lightning strikes. Similarly our anxiety energies can burn us out when we are not grounded for prolonged periods of time.

The restless thought vibrations cause our natural grounding connection with the earth to disconnect. The best way to deal with anxiety therefore is, understanding the importance of being grounded and using the tools and techniques to regain our state of groundedness all the time. Conversely the worst way to deal with it is to keep on thinking and trying to find a solution to our anxiety, which gives a false impression of progress while taking us up the spiraling loop of anxiety towards burnout. Please read my previous blogs about Presence and Grounding to learn more about it and do join my online-guided meditation practice to help make it a steady habit.