Sridevi Kakuturi (She/Her)

Sridevi Kakuturi (She/Her)

Sridevi is a counseling psychologist currently doing fellowship at Pause for Perspective. Her work is queer affirmative and mindfulness informed and she uses an eclectic approach with her clients. She has experience in working with young adults. She believes that the clients are the experts of their lives and they are people with agency. She practices individual therapy with adults and children. For her counseling is a space to acknowledge humanness every day and be present for the experiences of the client and self.


  • M.A in Psychology (Counseling)
  • Queer Affirmative Certification Program (MHI)
  • Counseling Skills Certification (PFP)
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (SF Positive Mental Health)
  • Introduction to Narrative Practices (NPI Collective)

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Watch Sridevi’s interview on her stance as a therapist at Pause for Perspective. She speaks about what is important for her and the ways in which she holds space for her clients at Pause. 

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