SelvanS PfP Online Guided Meditation brings to you seven different meditations, one for each day of the week. On the six weekdays it is 15 minutes three times every day and on Sundays it is one time long meditation for 40 minutes. In all the meditations the first few minutes are reserved for helping you reach a meditative state. This state is defined as the awakening of the Awareness Mind and for this we first awaken the inner body awareness and then raise up into the higher mind awareness. The first five minutes of the daily practice is the most important and if you cannot spend all of 15 minutes every time, just being present for the first five minutes will be more effective than coming in for the last five minutes of the 15-minute session. 

The following are the seven different practices we partake in.

Acknowledgement to open up Gratitude. From the place of higher mind awareness, we notice and acknowledge all that is in the here and now. The arising phenomena of the present moment in the form of arising breath in the body, body sensations, arising thoughts, arising emotions and sense perceptions that allow us to be aware of our surrounding environment such as presence of air around us, the furniture below us, the space of the room around us, the sounds around us, etc. When we step into the mind to notice the arising thoughts and emotions, we take the help of tapping in addition to breath and gazing of eyesight to help us not get engaged with what is arising and just hold it in awareness as it arises. This simple practice opens up the flow of gratitude that is already stored in the heart in infinite quantities but locked inside because of our absence of awareness in the here and now.

Wish for Freedom from Suffering to open up Compassion. We begin by finding out who in our network is suffering the most right now. From the place of higher mind awareness, we meet this person and bless this person to enjoy freedom from suffering all the time. We express this wish as our highest intention, our blessing and our prayer and then we hold the intention and sit with awareness. An opening up happens within and we gradually expand the circle of compassion around us to cover the entire planet earth and all of humanity. We hold the intention for freedom for suffering for all of humanity and continue to sit with our Awareness. This practice opens up the flow of Compassion, which heals our body and mind deeply.

Holding the stance – Everything is OK right now. FOR 15 minutes we decide to sit with the acceptance that whatever is arising here right now in this moment is perfectly OK. You will be guided about how to hold the thinking mind in awareness without blocking or stopping the arising thoughts, without getting engaged with the thoughts, without holding on to the thoughts and without allowing yourself to be carried away by the thoughts. Your mind will experience a deep state of rest and rejuvenation with this practice.

Wish for Happiness to open up Loving Kindness. We begin by choosing the one person that we love the most and to whom we would like to express our love the most in this moment. From the place of higher mind awareness we bless this person saying – may you be happy all the time. We express this wish as our highest intention, our blessing and our prayer and then we hold the intention and sit with awareness. An opening up happens within and we gradually expand the circle of Loving Kindness.

The Deep inner cleansing practice of Look-Breathe-Tap. We find a spot in front of us on the wall or the floor or any object in between to fix our eyesight in a diffused gaze. The eyes are partially open and gazing upon this point all through the practice. We then start tapping and we can switch between two types of tapping to continue with in throughout. Finally we bring the arising breath in our awareness and hold it in gentle awareness as the breath arises, subsides and then there is a space in between of no breath before the next breath arises. There is a gentle guidance intermittently on how to deal with whatever arises in the form of body sensations, thoughts and emotions.

Awareness of The Presence. When we raise ourselves into the higher mind of witnessing awareness, we begin to sense The Presence. This presence is present within every cell of our body and also around us. We are contained in this presence. This is variously referred to as the Universal Consciousness, God, Supreme power, All that is, Higher intelligence, Nature, Creation, etc. Although our thinking mind or our ego self is not able to perceive this with the physical sense perceptions, we are gradually guided into awareness of this presence. A deep sense of peace, security, safety as if we have finally reached home, prevails.

The long meditation with arising breath and the sound.  We first learn to find a word or sound or syllable or mantra that is best suited for us. This is the sound that the in breath and the out breath seems to be naturally making as we quietly sit in awareness. We are guided to sit with this sound as it goes in and out of our body in the form of our breath. This is also a very deeply cleansing practice like the 5th one above. We can sit with this practice for hours together once we regularly practice sitting for shorter durations for a few months. This is a 40 minute long practice for Sundays. 

Although we sit with the same type of meditation for all the three sessions of a particular day, it would be different each time as any regular meditator who attends all the three sessions would confirm. Our inner state of mind varies during the course of the day and so we tend to experience the meditation practice differently. As you gradually cultivate the habit of meditation, you will find it easy to join for all the sessions and experience deep enrichment in your life. You will find events and circumstance of your life getting into a beautiful balance of flow and synchronicity as against the clutter, chaos and hurdles that you might usually face.