By now you’ve heard the news: meditation makes you happier, nicer, less stressed, and more energetic. But meditation can be hard-all that sitting and being quite.

Here are some easy tricks for practicing daily mindfulness (aka being aware of the present and not stuck in your head or your phone) that can make you a happier and better version of yourself

It’s Tiny Meditation Time!

When it comes to meditation, you want to think small. Don’t worry about reaching some high state of bliss- just take a few moments to get out of head and experience your life. That’s all

We’re calling these moments Tiny Meditations- mini-sessions of mindfulness that will still give your soul a boost.     Ready to try ???

Tiny meditation no.1 :-

Three mindful breaths…

Just breathe as you normally would,but pay attention to your breathing as you do.Notice What it feels like as air enters your nose and fills your lungs, as your stomach rises and falls.

Try taking three deep breaths.You might find that you’re impatient even waiting for three breaths to be over, or that you get distracted before you even finish two. Don’t worry-that means it’s working.

Tiny meditation no.2:-

File it Away…

When your mind’s racing at the end of the day,it can be hard to fall asleep.instead of dwelling on all of your stress,plans, and regrets, start a bedtime practice of “Packing it up.”

Are you wondering about how to do this? Here it is-

Imagine placing each thing that’s worrying you into a box and then closing the lid. That’s difficult ok you need to have with a friend? Into the box! The deadlines, relationship troubles or jeans that won’t fit-put everything on a mental bin marked for another time.

Tiny meditation no.3:-

Feel your feet…

This one is great for when you are walking instead of racing to wherever you are going, thinking about what you’re going to do when you get there, just concentrate on your feet. Pretty easy.

Notice if the ground hard or soft? What do your shoes feel like around your feet? Are they cushiony? A little tight? Do you have a little spring in your step?  Just observe.

Tiny meditation no.4:-

Smile inside…

This one’s a bit abstract,but instead of just dragging yourself to the kitchen for coffee or cereal first thing, sit up in bed and imagine smiling to yourself on the inside. You’ll be surprised at how comforting it is to direct some kindness to yourself.

Just a little smile, that’s all-it can be just a couple seconds- then carry on with your morning routine.

Tiny meditation no.5:-

Just listen…

Take a few moments to just listen to the sounds around you, whether you’re in a crowd or in the woods. Pay attention to whatever you hear, rather than getting swept up in the thoughts about what’s happening.

You may find that a place you thought was quite is full of sound, or that a noisy place actually hums with a comforting rhythm of diverse noises.

When your mind wanders off, Gently bring it back.

Tiny meditation no.6:-

Feel the vibes…

The next time you’re on your way somewhere (in a car or an a train, etc.), Take a moment to notice any vibrations-of the engine, the road, the rails. You might feel the rumble of the road on your seat Or the veering of the train in your neck. Notice what that feels like.

Paying attention to your body helps you get out of your head ad experience reality from a different vantage point.

Tiny meditation no.7:-

Send love…

This one can be tricky. don’t worry if you’re not feeling waves of peace and love for all beings- most of us aren’t . Just practice wishing good things for others.

Try thinking about someone you care about and wish for something good to happen to them. Experiment with doing this for someone you’re neutral about, and-if you’re really up for a challenge someone you currently don’t like.

Hope these tiny meditation practice can be useful for you to be present in the moment.

Note: This article is written by our Counselor Ruhi Sameena