When we think or plan or talk about our tasks, we use the term “I have to finish this and then that”. Other similar phrases are – “I got to do this and then…”, “I need to get this done and…”. This is a fast paced world and we are always focused on the end point of whatever we do or plan to do. It is so deeply ingrained as the default way of thinking and focusing that it seems the only right way that exists. We call it “result oriented” approach and we want to be recognized as a “go getter” or an achiever.

Let us sit back and look at this approach and consider the alternative. Focusing on the end result takes the presence to the end point. Effectively you are absent during the process because you are present in the future when the process ends. You will derive satisfaction and happiness when the desired result is obtained. And when you reach that point the resultant happiness is momentary because the next “I have to finish….” Task is already waiting for you there. In fact you might have latched on to the next task with your presence even before you could savor or celebrate the completion of previous task.

You may notice that the entire life moves on and you are never present in the here and now moment. Productivity and effectiveness would be mediocre, stress would be very high, life would be full of hits and misses, stumbling from one hurdle to the next. All these are likely to occur due to lack of presence in the now moment.

Alternatively you could choose to take your focus away from the result and come back to the here and now moment and focus on the process. You can express this by saying “I want to do this task” rather than “I have to finish this task”. You can do this by being aware of your breath and your body as you work and focusing on the minute and intricate processes as you go through your task. You may use the tools of “Focus” and “Grounding” to assist in forming this new habit.

Watch yourself with amusement each time you loose presence from the here and now and go off to the future and gently remind yourself to come back, with or without the help of the tools. Merely coming back to being present in your body and being grounded will bring you to a happy state. You will have high energy levels because you are already happy. Your productivity and effectiveness would skyrocket, needless to say that the results would be faster and more often positive.

You will not rush through life as before, you can relish and savor each moment. You will become slower and more deliberate in your actions but the results will come in faster because the misses will be fewer than the hits. It takes conscious practive until the habit of “I have to finish….” Is replaced by the habit of “I want to do”. When this new habit becomes your default state, you would have boarded the express highway to success and growth.

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