In this vSTIL ideo I talk about how I use photography as a tool to align with my priorities, with what is important for me.

Below are a few photo prompts to help you explore how you can use photography to help you live more intentionally in your everyday life.  Enjoy!

Photo Prompts that you can explore:

1. Savor:

Today, slow down. Savor. Weekends, for many come and go in a blink. Today, regardless of how your weekends are usually, step into the quietness your day can offer you. Really see. Savor anything that you usually brush past but could enjoy instead.

As you go about your day, check in every once a while to see if the moment you are in deserves that you really take it in and savor it.

When you find yourself in such a moment, savor it…take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath and stay with it for 5-10 seconds to allow your brain enough time to really take in that experience. Take pictures of your moments. So that you can sit with it for longer and also at another time,when you look at them again.


 2.  Multitasking:

Take pictures of moments when you find yourself multitasking. As you cook and talk on the phone and grab a bite of your breakfast bring awareness to the fact that you are multitasking. Just for a moment slow it down to see what is beautiful about this moment and take a picture.

Today’s prompt is a simple invitation, to just find a pause between multitasking.

To see if there is beauty in any of the many things you are doing and to take enough time to take a picture of what helped you pause.

Can you pause as you grab that fruit and chew into the yumminess of it? Can you enjoy it while you walk to your desk to get some work done?

What will you find today as you multitask? What will you enjoy today while you multitask? What pictures will you take when you pause to find beauty within your multitasking moment?

Does photography help you shift your perspective and be more intentional? Let me know what you experience.