How does life feel on a daily basis? How does everyday life look like for you? And how you would like for it to be?

Now for this week’s experiment in slowing down. Let us pause to observe stillness. In this moment, pause and look around you. On the surface of things there might be chaos, the tooting of the horns from the street, your children screaming for you, or your co-workers having a conversation.


Take a deep breath and look around and see how there is stillness in the objects around you.
The earth that is bearing us, the furniture-still and sturdy, the air present and quiet. Observe
the nature of stillness around you and allow your thoughts and actions to slow down just a
little to connect with the stillness present among these things.

This exercise takes only a few seconds to do and it is magically powerful and providing that
pause needed in our busy lives. Do this as often as you can. I also recommend that you place reminders around you to remember to connect with the stillness around you and within you.





Taking this further:

If you have some time in your hands a great way to slow down would be to bring your colors out-paints, crayons and whatever you have and use this exercise to find one object that is still, that stands out in its stillness and draw it. The drawing doesn’t have to be perfect. In drawing this object you are connecting with its stillness. Pay attention
to the contours, the way it is sitting on tabletop perhaps. Draw it with fluidity in your motion and then paint it in a color that appeals to you.

I hope that you enjoy this experiment in slowing down. Do let me know how this practice has
been for you. I will offer support, a listening ear and presence that you need to ensure we will come around to supporting you successfully in Experimenting and effectively experiencing the beautiful effects of slowing down. Write to me if you are drawn to this, okay?

With love and gratitude,
Aarathi .