Therapy for Children

We work with children of all ages to help develop social emotional learning. We ensure that children and families are seen as a unit and the work that is done with children is integrated into the ways families can build and nurture relationships. We work with children through art, stories and mindfulness practices that help children and families connect to their own strengths, know-hows and ways of being that help people.


Some of the situations that may lead you to seek therapy for children are:

  • Responding to behavioral difficulties, school refusal and mental illness
  • Addressing the effects of physical or sexual abuse or family violence
  • Navigating stressful life transitions (e.g., death of a family member, divorce, loss of a job, moving cities, etc.)
  • Dealing with the effects of initial diagnosis and subsequent stressors.
  • Being included in the school and community after diagnosis
  • Planning for an uncertain future and more.



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