Going beyond Negative Peace

Going beyond Negative Peace In reflecting on freedom, the team at Pause came up with many ways that freedom shows up in therapy, communal and individual life. I would like

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Leisure and Loiter to Thrive

Leisure and Loiter to Thrive Accessing leisure can be seen as being “unproductive”. Having to relax and take out time for oneself in any way is often reserved for men

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Funny Boy- Book Review

Funny Boy: A Book Review Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai is a 1994 novel, recently adapted to film by Deepa Mehta. The book is the semi-autobiographical journey of a young

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Nail Polish: A Movie Review

Nail Polish: A Movie Review “The mind commits the crime,The body takes the blame”.    The movie Nail Polish is a two hour long courtroom drama which opens with the

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Mental Health Is Political

In our previous works on the topics: Is Mental Health Political? and Mental Health Is Political: Therapists Answer Questions!, we have discussed how society plays a role in affecting an

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