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A Group therapy space for Kashmiri women

“As Kashmiri women, we are often labeled as passive helpless victims who need protection. We endure the everyday brutalities of conflict – violence, restrictions in movement and communication, oppression, abuse, pain, and misery from all sides. However, there are not many spaces to discuss how we feel, think, support, and survive in the most militarized region in the world.

The aim of our group is to hold space for these experiences – the hardships and challenges we face in negotiating our daily routine and support systems present. It is a closed group for *Kashmiri women in the age group of 20-30 years.* The group meetings are facilitated by a fellow Kashmiri woman who is a mental health professional. The group meets online every *Wednesday 5 pm to 7 pm over zoom.*

What to expect: The nature of the group will be conversational, there are no right or wrong, pertinent or irrelevant experiences. We will together explore being women amidst a conflict, everyday challenges, and conflict-related stressors which impact our psychological well-being. It is also a space to share accounts of resilience, support, and humour which keep us going. The group will accommodate each participant’s experiences with love, care, and no judgment.

To join this group, please fill the shared interest form. Once we receive your responses, we will get in touch with you for a brief conversation to answer your queries or concerns.

Form link: https://forms.gle/9je9vAWVzY3qTFpi7

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