If you are tired of constantly reading about Corona, we GET it. As if the quarantine wasn’t enough, every second there seems to be an update on the virus. We understand how it feels to be surrounded by that. The news only induces more anxiety around the situation.

But, don’t fret! PFP is here with ideas to take care ourselves during this time. We have curated the list of things that have helped us and are guaranteed to help you.


At Pause, we firmly believe in making mental health accessible. So naturally, we have a list of things we offer to help our nerves during this time.

Gather together and engage in a guided meditation cum visualization of generating compassion and healing. This is led by Selvan Srinivasan- mentor, energy psychology coach and Director at Pause for Perspective. The entire team at Pause starts off their day with this as it helps us reconnect to our bodies and gets us up and running for the day.

Come together as a global community every day for 20 minutes, from 23rd to 31st March, 10-10:20am IST. If you have missed out on these, don’t worry! We have these sessions on Soundcloud and Youtube so you can join in whenever!

Day 1: Gratitude

Day one starts off with gratitude: for us, for each other, for everything around us. This focuses on the good things around us and reconnects us to ourselves and the world.

Day 2: Witnessing the Mind.

Day two is about witnessing our minds. This focuses on how we think, where and when our minds wander away from the present moment and how we can get back to the present day.

Day 3: Self-Awareness

Day Three explains the energy psychology’s premise of Self Awareness. Mr. Selvan sets the stage for remainder of meditation sessions.

Day 4: Exploring the Awareness

On day four, we explore the Awareness that is us as a way of staying present to oneself and the world around us. As we begin to know and centre ourselves, we begin to find different ways to show the world who we are.

Day 5: Grounding
On day five, we focus on grounding ourselves into reality. We focus on who we are. We find more about ourselves.
Day 6: Stepping out of a Fight, Flight, Freeze Response into Presence

This is a youtube video of energy movements that help you ground into the present moment in times of crisis. Our biology is wired to go into a threat appraisal mode and ends up perceiving everything from a place of threat. This energy movement lesson is a great go-to in times when we want to stay present, mindful and intentional in times of crisis.

Day 7: Deep Grounding and Earth Energy Healing 

On day seven, we focused on connecting with the earth and its healing properties to heal us. This visualization is both fun and deeply resonating for those of us who seek grounding and healing in these times of crisis.

Day 8: Essentials for Awareness and Healing:

Selvan guides us through a simple grounding practice and talks about some of the essential practices that allow for awareness, compassion and healing to deepen. Listen in!

Day 9:Healing Grid

On Day 9 we focus on ways to connect with the earth and heal our bodies.

NOTE: we decided to continue TOGETHER till the end of the lockdown period. While Day 1-9 will remain here, hop on over to zoom for live sessions or go to our Youtube page for video or SoundCloud for audios of the remaining sessions. Ocassionally, we also do an Insta live session of TOGETHER, so if you are there, we will see you! Enjoy!

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We offer online one-on-one therapy sessions, everyday of the week. Yes, even on Sundays! Check us out on Instagram to know more. You can reach out to us through Instagram or call and email us at: pause.perspective@gmail.com

It is an Invitation to slow down and remind ourselves of what’s important to us. It is a space for all; to breathe, rest and recoup. Join us on every Saturday!

Ever wondered what it would be like to write letters to your favourite fictional characters, movie stars, inspirational idols, your past or future selves, an author of a book, or to someone special who isn’t residing on planet earth anymore? 

Well, we are here to make it possible for you, all you have to do is :

  1. Write a heartfelt letter to anyone you wish to
  2. Put a magic spell on it (abra ka dabra is our favourite)
  3. And drop it in our enchanted mailbox or email us at enchantedmailatpfp@gmail.com.

The Master Postman will make sure that your letter reaches your special someone through our very experienced owls and pigeons. Sometimes we might even use magic carpets or Mr. Genie to do the job. Our services are extremely personalised and manual so it might take 15 days to get back a reply.

Happy Writing! The Chief Postmaster is waiting for all your letters.



Sometimes, we just want to be alone and do things that for ourselves. In times like these, it can get difficult. How does one take care of their mental health if one lacks the resources? What are the ways in one can take a break? Here’s the list of things we have been practicing:

  1. Mindful Consumption 

    BE careful what media you consume. Avoid reading unverified news and numbers (on WhatsApp, especially) and making yourself more anxious. Trust verified sources like CDC and WHO and follow the guidelines.  Alternatively, you can also set a time limit on how much time you spend on social media.

  2. Respect limits and boundaries Mental, emotional and physical boundaries are essential to draw in the face of a global threat to make sure we aren’t overwhelmed. If you’re working from home, for breaks, you may go to the balcony to breathe the fresh air. You can talk to someone about it as well and draw limits to how much you think/talk about the virus.
  3. Generosity
    We do not take care ourselves enough in these times. We have to acknowledge the fear and be kind to ourselves. Allow care to manifest intentionally.
  4. Compassionate Speech Be mindful of your speech. Watch how you talk to yourself and others in stressful times. Keep checking in with your family and friends and let them know they aren’t alone. Practice WAIT (Why Am I Talking?).
  5. Respect for Physical Health
    It is imperial at this point to take care of our bodies. Be gentle and kind to your bodies. Exercise a little and don’t be hard on yourself.

Our list of resources and emotional protection package were carefully curated to tend to the problems we are facing because of the pandemic. We hope this has helped you! Let us know if you have used our resources on our Instagram and your experiences.


Omaiha Walajahi
Pause for Perspective.