Life can be so exciting, mysterious and unpredictable at the same time right!!?! We are constantly planning the next moment, the next hour, the next day and our upcoming future. Constantly wishing and hoping for things to happen. For us. For our loved ones. For our families and the community at large. Things that we want, we dream of, our goals and aspirations.

Is all of this certain with everything that is currently happening in the world??!!

The political situation, the Article 370, the CAA, the NRC, the protests, the Corona virus, the everyday news which makes us lose faith in the humanity with each passing day…..

But again, isn’t this life? Where we are uncertain of most of the things that can happen to us…

Where our basic need to live is being threatened, we plan our future- our job, relationships, marriage, kids…..

Little do we think about how all of it can change in a jiffy. It’s like we almost never expect that it would happen to us.

Is it the beauty of hope or the ignorance and resistance to it?

It’s the Progressive 21st, and it is the epitome of everything. The rich, the poor, the compassion and the oppression. Does it ever stop? Will we ever have a safer world?

It’s the Progressive 21st, and the dreams of the nation are no longer resonating with its people. Will our protest ever stop their idealism?

It’s Progressive 21st, and the world is the place to be. With everything and everyone constantly updating. But is there something to erase our anxiety? Anxiety about life, about the world, about tomorrow- the uncertainty of life.

Are we truly progressing towards a better future or regressing towards the basic need of survival- to just live?

We’ve come to the day where we question  everything. Every incident in the news, every move by the government. Something as warm as a handshake. As natural as a cough or sneeze can cause fear and anxiety now. It can shatter our existence and leave us nowhere.

Oh Sweet Lord!! Where is this world headed?

What should I do? What should we do?

I see the world continuing to live, plan, work, travel as though there isn’t anything to worry. No fear of the future- the uncertainty of life.

Am I worrying too much?  Am I the only who is worrying unlike the others?

What should I do? Is there something that we can do? Should we even bother to live under such circumstances?

And then I think, what’s the point of thinking of the worst to happen if all we ever want for ourselves is the best?

What’s the point to think about death, if all we ever want is to live and cherish?

Are these thoughts about the worst to happen helping us be better? If anything they are only ruining our present….

The moment we start worrying about no tomorrow, we stop living. That’s the greatest loss of all.

It’s not just you and me going through this. The world has become a difficult place to live in. This can be very hard.

All we can ever need to do is hope for a better tomorrow- doing our best for it- while being there our each other. To not forget our humaneness and to be emphathetic.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what keeps the world going…..

Varsha Vemula