Panic attack is an endless noise trapped in a sealed echo chamber! How to stop the echo?

Have you gone to the mountains and actually shouted at them to hear your voice get bounced back to you after a few moments? If not just watch this 8 seconds video because I need you to have a clear mental image of an echo sound before reading further. You can also go between mountains and experience the echo of an echo of your voice! Echo happens because of the bouncing back, of the sound waves. 

Now imagine a sealed echo chamber in which if you just shout once, the sound keeps bouncing back and forth in an endless echo. And what if many people shout simultaneously in that sealed echo chamber? Replace the energy of sound waves with the energy of the emotion of anxiety and there you have, A Full Blown Panic Attack as perceived from the energy psychology point of view. 

If you are actually inside that sealed echo chamber, you need to find the windows and open them and also mute the voices of the others. Then you can enjoy the sound of your own voice or any one sound of preference. What could seem amazing is that you can do exactly the same thing with your emotional echo chamber, get out of it and begin to enjoy your emotions. 

There are two things here so let us do it one by one. Yes, you can actually do what I am saying here and experiment it right now as you read this. The first thing is to mute the voices of others. The next thing is to open the windows and let out the trapped sounds and also prevent the echo. 

Remember this; Your echo chamber is within your mind and so you do have the mute button for the emotions of the others. This button is called PERMISSION. When you drop your expectations that others should not experience or express their emotions and simply allow them to live through their emotions in whatever way they choose to, you activate the mute button of those emotions in your internal emotional echo chamber. 

Do this right now, say out aloud “ I hereby permit everyone in my life (you can even say the names and repeat this for each important person) to experience their anxiety (or anger or sadness or shame – you can also repeat it for each of the relevant emotions)in whatever way they choose. I have no wanting or expectations that they experience life in any other way. I completely drop my expectations and allow them to be as they are. Remember this statement is made within your mind to clear your internal emotional space and not to that person. If you have someone in your life who is perennially in anger energies, you definitely do not give them permission to keep expressing anger or abuse on you! You simply refuse to carry that anger energy inside your emotional mind. You do continue to carry your own anger on that person! These are two different things. The mute button is for the sound of others and not for your own sounds. 

Another important clarification is needed here for you to be able to say that. You shall create and hold an intention, a wish, a prayer that all the people in your life experience happiness and freedom from suffering. This wish or prayer is a gentle and allowing intention from your higher self and not an intense striving need or compulsion. It seeks the opening up of a path towards salvation, recognising that life is a journey and what is here right now is what is, but with the conviction of faith you are holding the wish. 

Once you drop your expectations and grant your permissions to others, you may grant permission to yourself to have your own emotions and experience and express them in your own ways. Now you are ready for the second step of opening the echo chamber and releasing. 

Having a bath with rock salt dissolved water (one cup of rock salt in one bucket of water) and then sitting with your legs placed on a steel plate will help. You can then address all the emotional energies of others in your emotional mind this way “ I command all the energies of Fear, Anger, Sadness and Shame that do not belong to me to leave me and I permit my body to release all of these into the earth”. Rubbing your palms and shaking off your hands vigorously while blowing out breath from your mouth also helps. It would further help if you do some of the clearing energy movements that I teach in my Awareness Journey but even without that you will already feel a huge relief. You can use the same process for all your difficult emotions such as short temper, anger issues, depression and not just panic. 

Your own energies of Anger, Anxiety, Sadness and Shame are all very helpful and in fact enriching for your life. What is negative energy is the emotional energies of all the others in your life (even your own children or spouse) because you cannot work through that which is not yours in the first place! 

The amazing, seemingly miraculous thing that happens when you practice the above as a habit is that all the others in your life also begin to heal and let go of their difficult emotions. Reach out to me @Selvansmentoring through Pause for Perspective to seek help in cultivating this habit.