meditationIn the rush of our lives and the distractions we are served it is easy to become overwhelmed, stop listening to ourselves and become concerned only with what is on the outside.

A simple meditation practice is a wonderful tool to pause, if only for a few minutes, and just be. It is a tool that I use to pause, gather perspective, be more intentional, stay present with my emotions and more.  Sometimes just pausing in meditation helps with nothing else but just be and what a wonderful source of space that is!

Meditation is a simple practice of pausing. Sitting with ourselves, simply and with love and care for ourselves. There are several ways to meditate.

At the age of 13 I learned the Samadhi Meditation that I have come back to several times growing up and now maintain a practice of sitting everyday for atleast 10 minutes.

This was instruction that my father sent along in an email, so I can come back to my meditation practice. I hadn’t been meditating for the last few months and truth be told I was dreading to sit. Its a simple practice and so powerful yet its so strange that I’ve been running away from it, from myself.

I thought it would be great to put up the email pointers as a guide to those seeking to sit and meditate. Here’s to your practice:

Here are the steps for Samadhi meditation:

  1. First do few stretches if you dint do full or part yoga already.
  2. Sit erect in a quiet, cool and dimly lit place and take five deep breaths counting backwards.
  3. Relax and let go and loosen up.
  4. Say to yourself: “Right now, in this moment, everything is OK. I accept this moment exactly as it is. All is well”.
  5. Just BE, in a non doing state. Do not do anything mentally as well as physically. Just be. Since everything is already OK there is no need to do anything.
  6. Do not create any thoughts. Just BE.
  7. If a thought comes up on its own, do not block it. Do not hold on to it. And Do not be carried away by it.
  8. If you find yourself carried away by a thought, just drop it and come back to just be.
  9. Be like that for a while (if necessary keep timer for ten of fifteen mins before sitting and BE till then).
  10. Take five deep breaths counting forwards and slowly open eyes and rub palm together and rub face and get up.

Over the years I have learned other kinds of meditation ideal for different situations. Please click on this link to access resources on mindfulness meditations, meditation of self-compassion as well as loving kindness.

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