The want to be happy is greater than the need to be. Happiness is a therapeutic journey, it’s feeling connected with every pore of the soul. We are an ocean within each drop that makes us entirely capable of feeling sad,
angry, calm and most purely happy. Happiness is an unlimited resource. It is infinite almost palpable.

But one may ask almost in an existential journey, to find and reinvent themselves as to what is true happiness, what is contentment and feeling of an experiential satisfaction? Many theories of Happiness have come about
and many books and authors have given a subjective definition of happiness.

According to the Hedonism theory, “Happiness is a matter of raw subjective feeling, which is to feel maximum pleasure and minimum pain. Psychology defines happiness as a “mental or emotional state of wellbeing
which can be defined by among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”. But I feel that happiness cannot be defined. It’s an inexplicable feeling. It is not just feeling euphoric or high; it’s different from feeling calm. It’s almost to me an unearthed raw instinct which brings me back to Gestaltism- “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. The true meaning of happiness to me is the mind and the heart dancing and synchronizing to exuberate mental peace. It is the luster of a  good mental health, which is not conditioned or limited to experiencing “good or pleasant events”. It’s an unconditional whole and not just a fleeting experience of the parts of good events.

To feel happy is to feel free, but to experience happiness is to feel liberated, which is not the opposite of feeling sad. It’s to feel a sense of mental and physical peace in the chaotic happenings of the world.

This article is written by our Intern Ritika Matta