Delighting in your food

This week set an intention to eat at least one meal with deliberation, mindfulness and presence. Here are some of the steps you could follow as you commit to this practice:

  1. Plan which meal you will stay present with
  2. Decide how you will procure the meal
  3. It is preferable to eat by yourself
  4. Set aside 20-30 minutes with your meal-and be present with it without any distractions (no technology)
  5. Activate all 5 senses during your meal-see your food, appreciate the colours, textures, and patterns. Smell your food deeply and try to discern what ingredients may be there just with the sense of smell. Place a small piece or a spoonful and really appreciate the textures and burst of taste in your mouth. Chew slowly and fully and really stay with how the textures transform as your chew. Stay present with the sounds that come with your meal and eating them.
  6. Keep your inner-ear open too-the part that is available at every check-in to tell you how you feel before you start a meal, during your meal and after. Be aware of what you are saying to yourself about the food you are eating. What is your inner dialogue? Is there recrimination about eating your favourite (and possible not very “healthy” meal)?

That is it. Your first exercise in our four week program here is to choose one favorite thing to eat at atleast ONE meal every day and to deeply delight in it as you eat. Remember that the key is to eat it when you are moderately hungry.

{Photo Story: The picture is that of my first born having her first meal ever! There was a lot of curiosity, openness and delight in exploring what was the first time she had solids! May you delight in your food this week, like an infant does}

Join the online Mindful Eating group to write about your insights from the exercise. If you are in hyderabad consider joining the Mindful Eating workshop this 12-13th September.